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12 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Merry Christmas Readers!!!

I am so excited because the Christmas season is finally here, but I am extra excited for one AWESOME reason …

This. Our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!


A few weeks ago we shared that we were planning a huge Christmas giveaway that we would be doing here at TDF, and many of you seemed to like that idea. (I mean, who wouldn’t?) Well, it is December 1, and the time has arrived to spill all the details of this incredible giveaway.

But first I should probably share the idea behind this … Don’t scroll ahead. Contain yourself!

The past few weeks I have been slowly putting our Christmas budget together. Figuring out how much extra we can spare. As you can recall we recently moved, and it was a quick move. So our savings account looks well … sad. Our 2015 goal is to beef that savings account up, and that means starting right away. No waiting until January 1, 2015. Some things came up (of course) that prevented us from being able to spend as much money as we usually do on Christmas. My husband and I made the necessary cuts so that our little girl had a good Christmas. As I was going over these numbers I kept thinking, “How many people are in this position right now? Or worse…”  One day while vacuuming it finally hit me … Giveaway. Pay it forward. Bless others.

Well, what’s the big idea?

Over the next 12 days we will be working on a few projects that are:

1. Inexpensive to make or
2. Inexpensive to purchase, but are …
3. Great gift ideas!

Here’s where the giveaway comes in …

At the end of the 12 days there will be one person who wins EVERY SINGLE ITEM.

Yes … That means all 12 items that we feature, make, buy, etc. One person wins 12 items.

How does this help? How does this bless? How is this paying it forward?

All of the items that we will be making or buying are perfect gifts. Perfect gifts to giveaway to moms, sisters, couples, daughters, friends. These items will help YOU save some money. Maybe help you save some money on other’s gifts so you can put a few more pennies towards your kids’ gifts. Or maybe, for the first time in a few years, you and your spouse can actually purchase a gift for each other.

Here’s what we are making today:


You’ve seen these all over Pinterest, right? Well, I fell in love the moment I saw it. I love rustic Christmas decor, and this had to go on my list of items to make.

Off to Hobby Lobby I went!

Here’s your shopping list for this project:

1) Wire ribbon of choice (I used this)
2) MDF letters in J, O, and Y.
3) Moss mat  (I bought this more expensive one, however, so that I could make more than one set. I could make 4 sets, easy!)
4) Glue gun & glue sticks

All of these items (right now) will run you about $24. Not bad, right? Well! Hobby Lobby has a 40% off one item coupon floating around all of the time so you can use that on your moss mat and your overall cost will drop to about $20!
(*Note: This is assuming you own a glue gun & glue sticks.) However, you could shop around at other craft stores (or even check WalMart) and find these items even cheaper! Shop your sales!

Now that you have your items the rest is easy …

Step 1: Unfold your moss mat and lay your letters out in the way which fits best. Trace around these letters. (If you’re tracing on the back be sure to lay your letters correctly!)
*Second option is to glue the letters down and then use an Xacto knife to cut the moss. Eliminates the tracing step.
Step 2: Glue moss to the front of your letters and allow to dry.
* You can paint the back of your letters as an additional finishing step. I elected to do this in the event someone chooses to hang this on a glass door. It would save them from looking at unfinished wood letters.
Step 3: Lay desired ribbon length on a flat surface and choose letter placement. Space them as far or as close together as you would like. Secure with glue.

And just like that – you have a beautiful new Christmas decoration! And a beautiful gift!



As far as hanging on the actual door you will note up above that mine is held on by a wreath hook. I simply folded the wire ribbon over the door and placed my wreath hook over it. This is because on the other side of the door I do have a wreath hanging. If this is not what you intend to do I would recommend securing the ribbon, on the very top of the door, with a thin piece of duct tape. This will provide a seamless look.

How do you like this? Do you know someone who would love a door decoration like this? I know a few!

So this is the kick-off guys! On Day 12 we will be attaching the Rafflecopter for entry. The entry period will only be for a short 48 hours, why? Because we want to mail the winner their items so that they have them in time to enjoy & gift for the Christmas season! It is important that you come back on December 12th and get those entries in. You don’t want to miss this!




We love comments! And we read every, single one. Comment below to tell us what you think of this giveaway, if you have any questions, or what you think we have in store for the next 11 days yet to come. 🙂

Merry Christmastime Kickoff!



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