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12 Days of Christmas: Day 4


It’s Day 4! Where are we at now?!

Day 1: JOY Sign
Day 2: “Sharpie” Mugs
Day 3: White Christmas DVD
Day 4: ….

Well, Day 4 brings us a beautiful, handmade infinity scarf!



This one is a big one. I’m not talking like Lenny Kravitz blanket scarf big … but it is definitely one that will keep you (or your gift recipient) nice and cozy.

I have plenty of these scarves … and I was tempted to keep this one and go out and buy more yarn to make our winner a different one. The yarn that I used is a beautifully soft chunky weight yarn that comes together so nicely.

Now, before we get started into the DIY here’s a few things you should know:

A. I am not a pattern writer. I taught myself how to  crochet by googling and watching YouTube videos. I am a visual learner and that is why I supplied a detailed “chart” below.
B. If I make a mistake, you can’t hold me accountable because this is me admitting that I AM NOT A PATTERN WRITER.
C. You can’t come back and post a mean comment because your scarf unraveled. It’s very unlikely that I have any clue what you did wrong and I probably won’t be of much help if we try to troubleshoot. Unless you send me pictures. Or like video yourself making the mistake. But don’t do that. That’s kinda weird.
D. I will call this pattern a beginner because this is the very first thing I ever made back in the day when I first started to crochet.
E. If you DO have questions – post them in the comment box. I will try my very best to answer them or direct you towards a Youtube video that can hook you up with an answer.

Alright here we go …

Shopping List:

1) Bulky weight yarn (approximately 327 yards) – I used 2 1/2 skeins of this.

You’ll also need:

2) 6.5 mm Crochet hook
3) Scissors

Total Cost :  $15.
*However – Hobby Lobby had my yarn on sale for $3.29 when I purchased it. Shop sales. You don’t need THIS specific yarn. You need bulky weight and any brand will do. Use what you like!

Let’s get to it!

*PLEASE NOTE: This is not a specific size. I make these scarves longer or shorter depending upon the look. YOU determine your desired length.
Also, you will be working “in rounds” as I attach my infinity scarves as I go instead stitching them closed at the end. I find this prevents them from unraveling and gives them a more finished look.

Row 1: Chain enough stitches for your desired length and Sl st closed being sure to make one twist in the chain prior to Sl st. Infinity scarves lay better when there is a twist already in them.
Rows 2-4: Ch 3, Bpdc around, sl st.
Rows 5-6: Ch 3, Bpdc, Fpdc, continue to alternate and repeat around length of scarf, Sl st.
Row 7: Ch 3, 2 DC, 1 ch, sk 1 stitch, 2 DC, 1 ch, repeat around length of scarf, Sl st. (This will create the squares/spaces you see in the picture below.)
Rows 8-9: Repeat rows 5-6
Rows 10-12: Repeat rows 2-4, finish off and weave in ends.

But here! Is a handy dandy graphic …

*Please note – In the middle white row I forgot to write “ch 1 AND sk 1 st. My fault!

It may be a little confusing at first to work in a round, but you will appreciate the fact that you don’t have to sew the ends together when you are done. No matter how many I’ve made I always struggled trying to hide the fact that they were sewn together. This way – you can’t even tell. Seriously!


A handmade scarf is not only a perfect gift, but these big chunky scarves are pretty popular right now! It is the perfect Christmas gift in a bright red such as this, or even a neutral gray. (Which I will be making for myself!)

Well … That’s it for Day 4!

Remember … The Rafflecopter will be posted on Day 12 so you can enter. All you have to do now is sit back and wait to see all that is included in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Don’t forget to come back on December 12 to enter to win all 12 gifts!

Do you love this big, chunky scarf? I do! I can’t wait for you to see what else we have in store …


Happy Thursday,


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