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12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

Today’s entry in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is a recipe for a family holiday favorite (ESPECIALLY the sons-in-law who are each given their own bag.  Not sure when we were one-upped by our husbands, but it has happened).  It’s definitely something that has made it’s rounds on Pinterest but my mom puts her own spin on it so here we go!

I absolutely LOVE the Holiday season! I know everyone says it, but I truly LOVE IT! The week of Thanksgiving a light switch is flipped and I am all of a sudden Buddy the Elf! So I decided to share a favorite treat in our family during this time of the year.  I’m sure you all have seen the recipe for “White Trash” on Pinterest, it’s literally everywhere! I was going to just link a post from another blog and give a fellow blogger some credit, but the more I searched Pinterest, the more I realized no one… and I mean NO ONE makes this festive treat the way my mom does! You are probably thinking, what’s so different? A whole bunch of snack food thrown into a bowl and drizzled with white chocolate, right? WRONG! So very, very wrong! The difference you ask?

This gem right here…. A Pennsylvania treat: Snyder of Berlin Hulless Puff’n Corn… What is it you ask? Deep fried goodness is the answer, and what makes this white trash recipe far superior over all the others!

This is all you need for making this simple, addictive, delicious, holiday snack. It has become a favorite amongst all our husbands.

Throw all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.

Melt white chocolate and drizzle over mixture, mixing well to coat evenly.

Spread over a large piece of foil or wax paper and allow to cool till chocolate re-hardens.

After cooling, turn on your favorite Christmas movie (or White Christmas), and grab a bowl of this and a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, and enjoy!!

Today’s addition of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway is all you need to make this fun treat and a festive tin to keep it in. I will be including a bag of the hulless puff’n corn so the white trash you make will be better than the rest! 😉 I warn against snacking on it before mixing up your white trash though, it’s highly addictive and the bag will be gone before you know it!

Quick out of town sister input here – I make this each year but being that I’ve lived away from PA for going on 7 years now, I’ve had to use other brands of hulless puff’n corn. It’s of course not as delicious as Snyder’s … But I am a central Pennsylvanian. No other snack in the world compares to our treats. 🙂 Anywho – use whatever hulless popcorn you can find! It will still be miles ahead of other white trash recipes. -Kelsea

Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget the giveaway goes live on Dec 12. Please come back and enter!


Tammy’s White Trash

1 bag hulless pop’n corn
1 bag pretzels
1 bag M&Ms
1 can/jar peanuts
1 bag white chocolate chips, melted

Combine all snacks and mix. Pour melted white chocolate over and stir until entirely coated. Spread out on parchment or foil to re-harden. Store in festive tins or ziploc baggies.

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