12 Days of Fitness Challenge

Well, I am not sure how successful some of you have been with our #KeepItInChecktd4 challenge.

I have not had much success.  In fact, I have not done a full on workout in 3 weeks.  Yes, 3 weeks.  Fail.

But, I am not going to beat myself up.  This time of year is crazy busy.  At school I am, what our principal refers to as, herding cats.  I feel like I am peeling them from the walls and ceilings…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  To see the magic in their eyes and the excitement in their little voices, totally worth that craziness.

I have tried to keep track of our eating habits.  Sweets have won out more than I’d like to admit and I am determined to reign that in a bit.  I have seriously made the best batch of Peanut Butter Blossoms in my life.  They’re almost gone and I am excited for that day to come.  Perhaps I’ll pack the remaining one in Husband’s lunch tomorrow.  I can rest assure they will not return.

I was contacted by Bowflex and asked if I would be interested in promoting the 12 days of fitness challenge they have going on.  This is not something I am being compensated to participate in/promote.  I am doing this out of my need to have some type of exercise in my day.  Every moment counts these next few days.

While I am behind, I doubled up today and I am doubling up tomorrow.  So, rather than the 10 minutes, I am going for 20 each day.  But, beginning Friday I will be on track to do the 10 minute workout each day.

10 minutes.  Totally doable.

So, would you be willing to join us?  Perhaps you haven’t had great luck with our challenge. Perhaps you are just looking for something little to do before bed, or first thing in the morning?  This just might be it.

Here is the schedule.  If you do participate – would you be willing to hashtag anything you post?  That would be wonderfully cool to see and to contribute to this great challenge.  #TheBowflex12



Best wishes.  Let’s end the #keepitinchecktd4 challenge strong?… 🙂


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