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Buffalo Ranch Pizza with Homemade Crust

Hi all! I haven’t posted in a while, and figured I should get on here with a post before you all think I fell off the face of the planet.  It’s been a very rough year for this family, and things are finally starting to turn around.  My husband was laid off for 7 months due to the construction industry taking a hit and his management position was eliminated.  Through the layoff I was getting really good at just making stuff up from what we had in the fridge that I thought would taste good.  This is one of the recipes I made that has turned into a family favorite and has made my husband declare I am no longer allowed to buy pizza.


I will also be showing you how I make homemade pizza crust using a bread machine, along with the recipe because I believe it is A-MAZING.  The bread machine pizza crust is ridiculously good and I love it because I just throw it in there, and let the machine do all the work! The recipe I have is for 2 large thick crust pizzas, if you like you pizza to have a thinner crust or you only want one pizza it’s easy to half. You want to throw the ingredients in the machine in the order listed in the recipe, and hit the dough cycle, and in about an hour, you have delicious pizzeria style pizza crust, yum!!!



The recipe has the ingredients listed: water, oil(I use olive oil to give it a more authentic italian taste), sugar, salt, dry milk, bread flour, active dry yeast


I always watch over the bread machine to make sure the perfect dough ball is formed like this because sometimes it needs a little more flour or a little more water.


When its done rising you get 2 beautiful dough balls, I threw mine in a plastic bag and stuck them in the fridge because I made it in the morning and didn’t need it until supper time.


Now…. for the Buffalo Ranch Pizza I absolutely hate buffalo chicken pizza made with regular old ranch as the sauce, I think it’s gross and needs more flavor.  These are the ingredients used for my cheesy ranch sauce this time. Like I said this recipe was made up and it gets changed up a little bit each time depending on the type of cheese I have for the sauce, I prefer it made with cream cheese to give it more of a buffalo chicken dip taste, but I didn’t have any and american cheese is my 2nd favorite so I threw in velveeta. I usually use about 4 oz of cheese in the sauce mixture.


I first melt about 2 TBS of butter till bubbling, then add a tablespoon of four to thicken up the mixture, whisk that really good, and then I add about a cup of milk, add the cheese and make a melty thick cheesy sauce. Then add as much of the ranch packet you like to suit your taste buds…. ( I don’t like ranch salad dressing, but if you prefer that, I’m sure it will work too)


You now have a very delicious cheesy ranch sauce…


Building the pizza is the easiest part, the crust is so easy to work with, roll it out and then add the sauce.


I mix the shredded chicken (I used 1 large can of canned chicken this time because I was pressed for time and battling the stomach flu, usually I use 2 small or 1 large chicken breast that was previously cooked and shredded) and the buffalo sauce of choice (I use my husband’s homemade sauce) to taste, so the flavors are evenly disbursed, I don’t like biting into a pizza and getting all sauce and no chicken, or the other way around.


Add the buffalo chicken mixture


Top with cheese (I do a cheddar/mozzarella mixture) and it’s ready for the 425 deg oven for 20 min!


*side note* we have to make a cheese pizza for the kids because they don’t like buffalo sauce quite yet, and this sauce is the greatest pizza sauce in the whole entire world!!!


When you are done you have what my husband calls “better than any pizza place around here” pizza.


Pizza Crust:

1 2/3 c.- warm water (80 deg)

2 T- oil (olive oil is the best for pizza crust)

2 T- sugar

2t- salt

2T- dry milk

4 1/2c.- bread flour

2t- active dry yeast

*select dough setting  (pizza dough setting if your bread machine has that setting)


Cheesy Buffalo Sauce

2T- butter


1- 1 1/2 c.- milk

4oz- selected cheese (cream cheese, american, cheddar…. any you like)

1 ranch dip packet


Melt butter till bubbling, add flour and whisk to make a paste, add milk and cheese, keep whisking till cheesy mixture is thick and creamy, then add the amount of ranch you desire.


This might not be for everyone, it takes a little time, and Danielle makes fun of me because she says “You and Kelsea are all about flavor, but when I make pizza I need speed.”  But I promise you, if you like buffalo chicken pizza, you need to try this recipe! It’s good! Hope you enjoy!




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