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4th of July Inspired Dessert

When you think of the desserts that accompany the tables across America on the 4th of July, most of us picture something that includes strawberries and blueberries.  On occasion you might encounter a delicious trifle or a cool refreshing Jell-o inspired dessert.  As promised last week, I would bring you a recipe that is “4th of July” themed.  I decided to take a few ideas I had swimming around in my head and combine them together.  With that said, I give you… Red, White, and Blue Brownies.  Yes, they use strawberries and blueberries.  Must keep with 4th tradition and the fact that both are in season and ridiculously cheap right now. 🙂  Here goes…

First, you will want to mix up your favorite brownie mix.  I used my “go to” recipe that I found on Pinterest a number of months ago.  I was craving brownies, I had no boxes, I found this…the rest is history.  It also helps that it is SUPER cheap to make them from scratch.  You can find the recipe I use here. Once your brownies are baked, allow them to cool. IMG_1715

The beauties cooling…

After they have cooled, you will want to cut them out into serving sized portions.  I used a square cookie cutter.  You will also notice in the pictures to follow that I stacked two pieces of brownies on top of one another.  Please note: if your brownies are “cake like” and thicker – you will probably use only one brownie per serving.  Mine are rather thin, so I decided to stack them.

I took a brownie, smeared some cool whip on it.  Then stacked another brownie on top of that and again, bathed it in yummy cool whip.


Brownie #1 with cool whip layer


Topped with another brownie…


Followed by the final layer of cool whip

Now…let the creative juices fly!  After washing the strawberries I sliced them length ways.  I arranged them on the top in the shape of a star…remember this is a “4th inspired” creation here. 🙂


Followed by adding your washed blueberries.  I placed mine in the center of the strawberry star so they were able to ‘stick’ to the cool whip.


Looks delicious, right!?

Serve with a fork and, if you wish, a cold glass of milk.  This was created and given to Husband who said that it was “delicious!”  He was so convincing that I actually made myself one, too.  And if you know me, I am not one who eats what I bake.  Not because I doubt my ability, but because I’d probably weigh 21938223 pounds if I did.  🙂 Another shot for you to see the finished product…


I wish you a wonderful 4th of July.  I hope your picnics are filled with laughter, family, friends, and fun.  And please, don’t forget the reason for this marvelous holiday.  Next time I’ll be sharing a tutorial on how to make clothing size dividers for your closet.  Poor Baby B needs them desperately!    Until we meet again…


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