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5 (or 7) Minute Mom Face

Let’s talk makeup.


It’s a conversation not every woman loves to talk about. I have a good friend (Hi Megan!) who never wears makeup and gives me an eye roll everytime I express my absolute need to wear it. I have another good friend (Hi Carolyn!) who believes I wear too little makeup, and when she sees I still wear the ever-sheer BareMinerals she will yell at me … and demand I go buy more Mac.

It always seems like there are women who wear none and women who wear plenty. But when I was pregnant with my daughter I determined one thing – I was not going to be one of those new moms not wearing makeup because I “had no time.” I was going to figure out a way that I could wear enough makeup to keep me happy and feeling good, but not so much that I spent 30 minutes putting it on everyday. It called for a routine change, and it took some practice, but I arrived at the 5 Minute Mom Face. Baby puke and drool not included.

(In all actuality for me it’s more like the 7 Minute Mom Face. Here’s why … I have my dad’s eyebrows. Which in all honesty is no eyebrows at all. They’re sparse and wirey, require constant tweezing, they’re thin, and they have no shape. I finally informed my Dad that he has these eyebrows back in September. He said he never realized and I made him feel self conscious. Sorry, Pops. It is what it is. But HE can get away with it, because he’s a dude. I, on the other hand, require eyebrow fill in. That takes about 2 minutes more. If you have normal eyebrows or bushman eyebrows like my sweet sister Danielle – you’re good. No fill in required.)

The biggest thing I’ve discovered is how important the right products are. I like to use MAC, Almay, or Mary Kay shadows on my eyes because they are long lasting. Use what you prefer. The goal is fast and natural. Don’t complicate it with too many colors requiring too many steps. I have sensitive skin so I stick with BareMinerals, Neutrogena, and Almay for my foundations. Again, your choice.

Here’s the products:


1) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup
2) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector 
3) bareMinerals All-Over Face in “Warmth”
4) Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush in “Petal”
5) L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
6) Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner 
7) MAC Eye Shadow in “Brule”
8) MAC Cream Colour Base in “Shell”

 (Does 8 products seem like a lot to you? You can very easily subtract the blush, eyeliner, and cream color base.)


Wala. 8 Products, 5 minutes. A not-so-tired-looking mom of a 3 month old.


– Mix your moisturizer with your foundation. Equal parts. It combines two steps, and it adds a more sheer coverage which helps to eliminate that “heavy/overdone” look.
– Apply eyeliner to your inner lash line, and only on the top. It eliminates that heavy line but still helps your lashes look dark and full.
– DO NOT SKIP MASCARA! DO NOT BUY CLEAR MASCARA! DO NOT WEAR BROWN MASCARA! I’m sorry for all the caps and yelling. Make those eyes stand out with black mascara. It doesn’t need to be applied heavily. One coat will do you.
– If you choose blush – apply to the apples of your cheeks only. When your face is flushed it very rarely flushes up your cheekbone like how your grandma wears her blush. Apply it where it naturally happens.
– Bronzer. Don’t make yourself look like Snooki. Cool? Cool.
– And if you need eyebrow corrector like me … bareMinerals has the best that I’ve found!


Go put your makeup on. Even if you’re only going to the grocery store. I promise you’ll feel better!


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2 thoughts on “5 (or 7) Minute Mom Face”

  • yeahhhhh i just saw this. smartass.
    and i would like to add that bare minerals warmth makes lovely, bronzey blush for any skin tone.
    but if you’re pretty white, like kelsea, use with a very light hand. plus it’ll last FOREVER.

    but overall great tips.
    especially BLACK MASCARA ONLY.
    you see those ladies that look vibrant and alive? even the blondes?
    it’s because they use black mascara. and eyebrows.
    never skimp on the eyebrows. it’s amazing the difference an eyebrow and black mascara can make. TRUST me.

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