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Buttercream Fondant Icing

I love the idea of using fondant as decorative icing on cupcakes…however let’s be honest – have you ever truly tasted that stuff!?  Icing is to be creamy, delicious, and fattening…not hard and tasteless.  With that said, I have been on a Pinterest hunt to find something compatible to replace the tasteless alternative.  On my search I came across two different recipes.  One was for marshmallow fondant, Danielle used that for Reg’s birthday cake.  Don’t get me wrong – that was delicious.  But then again, that could be the small human being growing inside me speaking.  Knowing that I had that option in my back pocket, I continued with my search.  A few weeks ago I happened to stumble upon what turned out to be a delicious recipe.  And the one that I decided to go with.  So…let’s begin.

First, you will need to gather your ingredients.  These items include butter (at room temperature), heavy cream, vanilla, confectioners’ sugar, and food coloring GEL.

Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe

If you are forgetful (or impatient) like me, my mom instilled in us a nifty little trick to soften the butter years ago.  Place the stick of butter in the microwave for 30 seconds on 30% power level.  If you would need a bit longer, you can go in 15-20 second increments at the same power level of 30.  Be sure to check on it after each time.  Butter melts from the inside out and it can quickly go from softened to a big puddle in your microwave.  For those of you with patience or not in a time crunch, just allow the butter to soften on the counter for a bit.  Once the butter is softened, whip with your blender.  The Kitchen Aid is my best friend…the paddle attachment runs a close second.  I whipped the butter for just a few seconds.

Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe     Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe

After the butter is whipped, add your heavy cream, vanilla, and confectioner’s sugar.  Continue to blend, but be sure to start with a lower speed and increase it as your sugar is absorbed by the butter/cream/vanilla mixture.

Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe

This mixture will become a clump-like mixture.  Here, I removed from the mixing bowl and finished with a rubber spatula and hand.  It reminded me of pizza dough.  Much easier to work with at this point by hand.  I dusted my hands with powdered sugar and went to work.  It did not take too long before I had a beautiful ball of buttercream fondant.

Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe

Continuing to work on the confectioner’s sugar dusted surface, you will want to flatten this out a bit.  Here is where you will apply your food coloring gel.  I had Wilton Red on hand from a previous project and it does not take much, at all!  (Especially since I need a pinkish color for the gender reveal party.)  A few globs of the gel and I was good to go.  After kneading the color throughout the icing, I was left with a lovely shade of pink (though it looks orange against the blue counter and in my awful lighting).

Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe

Using a dusted counter of confectioner’s sugar or a piece of parchment paper and rolling pin, roll out your icing.  Once you have your desired thickness, begin to create your cut outs.  I have searched local stores and Hobby Lobby and was unable to locate a mustache or bow cookie cutter.  I made a valiant effort at free handing it…after seeing the result, though better than I thought, I have opted to go with a paper template that I’ll cut around.  This awesome icing is VERY easy to cut/manage.  And have I mentioned that it is delicious!?!  So much better than fondant.  Cut out your items, place them in a container to be stored in the refrigerator for future use or directly on the item they will be accompanying.  I made the cupcakes Friday evening for the reveal party on Saturday.  The buttercream fondant cupcake toppers were strategically placed on the cupcakes Saturday morning just before party time.

Try your hand at it!  If you are not as thrilled with the result as I am…you can always return to the tasteless staple – fondant.  🙂

Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe       Buttercream Fondant Icing Recipe

This delicious recipe came from here.  They create pretty cute items with this awesomeness.

Happy Creating!


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Buttercream Fondant Icing


  • ½ cup of unsalted butter (though I used salted because that is all I had on hand)
  • 1 tablespoon of heavy cream
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla (truth be told, I did not measure)
  • 3-4 cups of confectioner’s sugar (I most definitely used 4+ by the time I was finished dusting)
  • Food coloring GEL - amount will vary depending on the shade you're desiring.


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50 thoughts on “Buttercream Fondant Icing”

    • Hi Sarah. I would say this would make enough decorations for 18-24 cupcakes. Mine were thicker, which I will actually roll thinner next time I use this, so it could be stretched quite a bit. I made 24 cupcakes and there was a topper for each one, with a few left over. Hope this helps!! Happy decorating. ~Sami

  • This looks wonderful! I usually make marshmallow fondant because its so much cheaper…but this looks way tastier! Have you tried covering a cake with this? Would the cake need to be refrigerated because of the cream?

    • We have not tried to cover an entire cake, we’ve only made little decorations. I would think it would need to be refrigerated. Let us know if you try to cover a whole cake, we’d love to hear if it works! 🙂

      • I covered a cake with it this week…worked perfect! It took a bit of trial and error…the trick is: don’t use too much sugar so it doesn’t dry out…as sift as you can get away with, AND most important: roll it onto a giant sheet of parchment paper, then use the paper to flip it onto the cake. It turned out great, then I painted it with food water colors.

          • I tried to post a link to a picture of the water color came I made my 2 year old this year. I used this to cover the entire cake by rolling on to parchment paper, then flipping onto cake. I’m no painter, so it’s not that great, but the fondant was fabulous. (And yummy)

          • If you click on my name, it should take you to a picture of the cake. Only way I could figure out how to leave it on comments. Lol

      • I covered a cake with this fondant and got rave reviews! I poured a chocolate ganach over it first, smoothed it out, put it in fridge, then covered it with the fondant. I am going to use it to cover a wedding cake that has been thinly flat iced with buttercream.

    • Since this more of a “modeling buttercream” rather than a true fondant (lacking the gelatin and sugar syrup that make it pliable and stretchable), this won’t cover a cake. This is great for small cut-out designs but if you try to roll it out any larger than 12 inches it will break. The average 9″ x 4″ cake needs over 16″ of fondant.

  • I can’t believe how easy this is! I have tried so many and I FINALLY found the one I will always use. It’s exactly like my homemade icing except you use less vanilla and heavy cream instead of milk. My daughter loves the taste (she’s not a fondant person) and my son will flip out when he sees his cake. Thank you for the step by step instructions, photos AND tips. Helped me know whether I was doing it right.

    • Depends on how white you would like the fondant. You could buy americolor white gel coloring (hobby lobby does carry it). This will be a little more ivory due to the butter. Thanks for stopping by!

    • If you need white fondant, make your own butter by using heavy whipping cream with a little salt. Whip until it starts to clump and smash and drain the liquid off until the butter becomes more solid They use food coloring to add the color to butter; just leave that part out. Instant butter!

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t attempt using this buttercream for anything other than flat decorations or basic covering. I worry the addition of the CMC would cause it to crack, and even not hold up well overall for moulding. For figurines or decor (other than flat like the mustaches or bows in the post) I like to stick with a gumpaste/fondant mix. But if you do try adding CMC let us know how it works!

  • Can this be made a few days in advance or does it need to be consumer within a 24 hour period? My son’s birthday party is on Saturday, but I wanted to make this ahead, like on a Wednesday.

  • I recently had the difficulty of finding a hairbow cutter, and I figured out that you could use a dog bone cutter and trimming it just a little around the edges. Hope this helps in the future😆

  • I’m so happy to find this recipe and can already imagine the taste. This will be my first attempt to make fondant and I’m gonna do this for my parents’ wedding anniversary.

    I have a query though. Can I cover the entire cake with this type of fondant and can I make thin flowers out of it? Please do reply sooner, since the big day is nearing.. 🙂

    • I have not used it to cover an entire cake. I have only used it to make accent pieces on cakes and cupcakes, so I do not want to say “sure” since I have not used it that way. One of the other sisters might have and I have a text to them. Thin flowers would do well. So sorry I am not of any help. You could do a trial run of this to see how it does? 😉 Happy Friday.


      • So glad to get your response. I shall surely try it out and give you an update if this works out well for an entire cake. Happy Friday to you too! 🙂

  • I want to make a baseball ice cream cake can I freeze this, want to make it before niece week.hope you can let me know

  • For those wondering if you can cover an entire cake with this, you can 🙂 The trick is to roll it between 2 sheets of non stick baking parchment and use the paper to layer it over the cake. I made it a day before my daughter’s party and didn’t refrigerate it. If any cracks appear, just smooth with a little softened butter. Thank you so much for the recipe, this is the best fondant recipe I have ever used, without the weird ingredients and bitter taste you find in shop-bought fondant.

    • Yolanda,
      It was not. But sifting is never wrong! We’re just busy mamas over here and we skip steps … 🙂

  • I made this and it’s moist but craking all over and falls right apart when I roll it out. It tastes great. Can I fix the problem or do I have to throw it out and start again? I need this for today, if anybody can help me.

    Thank you for the help

  • This recipe is incredible! Absolutely delicious and huge hit for my husbands birthday. I rolled it into a sheet and used parchment paper to flip it over the cake. Looked great! My first attempt at fondant and I’m happy. Thank you!!

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