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A Family Welcomes Three…Yes, THREE

Three Beautiful Baby Girls

Imagine with me….you and your spouse are school teachers; an elementary reading specialist and high school history.  You don’t make a great deal of money because, well, the district is tiny and let’s be honest – that is just the way the cookie crumbles in today’s society.  Your current family includes three children: 4th grade, 2nd grade, and soon-to-be kindergartener.  Life is trucking along, running kids to various sporting events and other after school commitments.  You are in a routine and liking the idea of having all the kiddos at school full time in the very near future.  Oh – and lest we forget – none of your children are in diapers.  Haven’t been in quiet some time.

But then, something seems different, so you text your husband while he is at the store to pick up a pregnancy test.

You take it.  It’s positive.  You cry.  You were not trying for a baby, but you have found out you are expecting, nonetheless.  The real kicker, husband was schedule for a small, non-invasive surgery the next week….if you know what I mean [wink, wink].

You cancel that; and instead schedule an appointment with the OB/GYN. [Emphasis on the OB part.]

At your first appointment, things look great.  They find the heartbeat and it is good and strong.

And then they find a second.

And then a third.

First reaction: tears.  Tears of fear.  Not tears of anger or joy, just tears of absolute fear.  You have not done the baby thing in 5 years and here you are listening to the pitter patter of 3 heartbeats.  Oh, and nothing was used to help this process along (IVF), because remember: you were not trying for a baby.

So, because you live in Small Town, USA – you schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in the birth of multiples.  At that first appointment, you find out that the babies are identical. Yes, 1 egg split three ways. Chance of that, 1 in a million.

More tears.  Tears for days.  Asking God “why?” ..Just because you would like to know rather than wait for an answer.  Isn’t that how it goes most of the time for us, as Christians?

No audible answer, so you and your spouse begin the process of caring for these three little beings you have been blessed with.

The days pass, you follow the doctors orders to a T and all really goes along swimmingly. As tests role in and everything is good, it becomes apparent there is, most definitely, a purpose for this event in your life.  There is a purpose for each of those little ones, and you have been given the small large task to be their parents.  You embrace it, with great doubt and questions on days, but with a smile (and on occasion tear stained cheeks) most of the time.

The story I share is truth.  One cannot make up a story about that….at least I can’t.

This story is of the Guisler family; the sweetest family I know.  They are committed teachers, amazing parents, and they fear God.  Their faith is an example to their church and community, and there is most definitely a reason these two people were entrusted to bring three new lives into this crazy world.  The triplets were born January 21st.  They were born earlier than the family and doctors were hoping, but the babies were estimated at between 3 and 4 pounds.

After a c-section, three bouncing baby girls entered the world.  All incredibly healthy and with no complications.  It was in that moment the Guisler Family was changed for forever.  They went from 3 children to 6 in a matter of moments.  I cannot fathom that.  Literally, I just cannot get my mind to wrap around that.

Our small town has surrounded this family with great love and care.  After a short stay in the NICU, the girls were able to come home and have been growing since.

My little family and I were on a walk in our neighborhood.  We actually live on the same street at the Guislers.  Jen saw me through the living room window and flagged me down.  I ran to their home and was able to hold a tiny babe.  Quite a bit different than my 21 pound 8 month old.  Each girl has a little yarn bracelet tied around her wrist to help mom and dad identify which one is which.  After a quick glance at her wrist, I was informed I was holding Katherine.  Holding a milk-drunk 4 pound baby made my heart melt.

I asked Jen how she was doing.  As pleasant as could be, she replied with, “as well as one could be expected to be doing.”

The girls are allowing mom and dad to sleep for two hours between feedings at night…so she said that was great.

They don’t really go anywhere because it takes so much time for them to get packed up and to get places. Oh, and not to mention they do not have a car large enough for their entire family to ride in together.  So, if they go anywhere – they’re driving 2 cars.  Not fun.  Our community has actually started various campaigns to help them get a new, larger car.  Because, let’s be honest – they need it.  😉   There has also been a GoFund me account set up to help those that have moved away from the community or are touched by the story play a role.  If you would like to check it out, would like to donate, or would like to spread the word: check it out here.

This family is so encouraging and such a testimony to fulfilling God’s calling on their lives.  Their story has been shared on our local news outlet and can been seen at  They have graciously given the news station permission to share updates as Matt posts them on Facebook.  They are a doozy; check them out if you can.  Sometimes pictures, other times videos.  Regardless their medium, they are raw and show the trials and tribulations that come with raising six children – 3 of which are newborn…identical…girls.  Mercy!

I understand this is not a recipe, giveaway, or a lamenting post of how much I miss ice cream on #whole30withtd4.

Instead, this is a story of a life changing event with proof that each step has been guided by God in all His mercy and grace.  At the beginning, even the most solid-in-their-faith believer would question, doubt, cry, and wonder.  That is just part of our human nature.  But, through it all, the Guislers and our community have see this plan play out and have seen the blessings pour forth.

If you are interested in following this story, check the we are central pa link above….or, come back here. 🙂  As things continue and the girls continue to grow and change, we at The Domestic Four will update you, our readers.

Until then… the most recent picture of the girls.  They were headed to get their eyes checked at the doctor.  Aren’t they cute?!



Happy Monday to each of you!!


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2 thoughts on “A Family Welcomes Three…Yes, THREE”

  • As one of Matt’s uncles from Maine, I truly appreciate this blog, and the great support they receive from their family, friends, church and community. The Lord has brought such good people into their lives.. I am looking forward to the day when I can see the triplets. Thanks for all your help.

  • Readers, with the right connections such as the news, We Are Central Pa. Live and the many talk shows through a press of the buttons we can help move mountains on behalf of this family of 8… Would you please support the Guisler family in any way you can?


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