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A Late T25 Update Plus My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

T25…how I love thee.  Let me count the ways…..

In all seriousness, I do love this program.  When I gave my Alpha update, I explained that I was anxiously awaiting the start of the Beta round.  Boy was I not disappointed.  Everything that I had imagined and hoped for, all in 25 minutes.  With Beta you move much faster (since you learn all of the moves during Alpha round) and you incorporate weights!! I can honestly say I am shocked at how quickly the time passes.  There are times I have, in all seriousness, said aloud – “it has been 25 minutes already!?!”  It truly is ideal workout for the stay at home mom to the incredibly stressed and not-enough-hours in the day CEO.  25 minutes, that’s it!   I am in the midst of week 4 and loving every moment of it.

To make this update quick, I offer you my top pointers…

#1 – do not try to skip Alpha and go to Beta.  Others I have talked to and encouraged to pursue this program have asked if they could because they’re “rather fit.”  While I believe you will survive, you truly need to complete Alpha to get the terminology down and get used to that speed.  And, while you might be fit – you are going to get a serious workout during the Alpha round.  Total Body Circuit.  Enough said.  Once you get to Beta it is “go time” like nothing I’ve experienced before.

#2 – don’t feel like you need to be macho.  As Shaun T explains – ladies we will not bulk as the reps are meant to create long, lean muscles.  Men and ladies who wish to build more bulk, you can add weight as you progress through the weeks…but I’d not start out crazy.  I used 10 lbs the first day I completed a Beta exercise that required weights.  I did not die, but the Hubster surprised me by picking up a set of 5 pounders when I sent him to Walmart with a list of things to get.  Hand weights were not on the list.  But, it was quite a nice surprise and I am seeing results.  It truly is about the speed and form of completing the reps.  I do believe that for the last couple weeks, I am going to go between the 5 and 10 pound weights.  There are a few of the exercises I think I can handle the 10 pounds.

#3 – nutrition.  Remember: the results you see as you peruse the Beachbody website and what you see on the infomercial are based off the regimented program.  That program includes rather pricey Shakeology shakes and a strict diet plan.  It is very important that you make the most of your diet.  While I am not consuming Shakeology, I have started drinking a protein/recovery shake after I work out.  I know for a fact that I am not consuming nearly enough protein to help build the muscle mass I’m going for.  With the crazy lifestyle I am leading this year, and all that I have to juggle, I am lucky if I get 3 meals in by the day’s end.  The ideal thing to do is eat 6 small meals a day – but when I am teaching my students double digit subtraction, I can’t be eating a carton of yogurt.  It just doesn’t jive.  So…I am sure to get those nutrients in the shake I have started to drink after working out.  It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating healthy!  Be wise and make healthy choices.  Skipping meals is not a healthy choice!

# 4 – patience.  As with anything – transforming your body takes time.  Do not think, “Man, I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now – where is my 6-pack?”  Slow and steady wins the race.  (My students and I just read The Tortoise and The Hare…can you tell??)  I promise, I have seen results.  Hubby said something to me about it yesterday…and we are not “those people” that tell the other one how good they look.  I’m incredibly shy and naive and that is just not how I operate.  I actually blushed.  Ha!  I promise – if you are making healthy decisions in the kitchen and faithful to this workout routine – you will see results…bad news – they will not happen overnight…so, stay the course.

I hope you each have had a great start to your new year.  I have included my favorite smoothie recipe below for when you need a quick on-the-go snack that is packed with protein.



Peanut Butter & Banana Protein Smoothie
3 ice cubes
1 frozen banana (sliced before freezing)
Handful of rolled oats
1/4 c. yogurt (I use greek vanilla)
1/4 c. milk
1 T peanut butter
1 scoop of protein powder (serving size is 2 scoops, but most programs will tell you to break it up)

Mix all ingredients together, pour into your glass and ENJOY!  Obviously you can add/remove various ingredients.  This is my “go-to”.  Most definitely a fav!

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  • Interesting … I cannot imagine doing pretty much any workout and saying, “Wow! 25 minutes have passed already?” I gotta check this out. Keep up the great work … outs. 😉

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