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A New Addition and a Fun 4th of July Project

Saturday morning…2:20 am to be precise…and I find myself jumping out of bed to the strangest thing.  After running to the restroom and gathering my thoughts I then realized, “holy toledo – I’m in labor.” After informing my husband that I would be in the living room and he had time to catch a few more ZZZs I fired up the family computer and began to Pinterest my way through contractions.  Which, is where I found the inspiration for my post today.  I told you, I am in love with Pinterest.  The tool used to assist me through early contractions on labor day AND the location of my recipe for dinner tonight.  Seriously – Greatest. Place. On. Earth.

After laboring for about two hours, I went in and suggested to Hubby that I think it best we head for the hospital…considering my contractions were only 3 minutes apart and most definitely gaining in intensity.

Long story short – once we arrived to the hospital and I was monitored for 30-40 minutes, contractions went to 2 and 1/2 minutes apart and I had dilated 1.5 cm.  I was quickly admitted and 7 hours later Baby K arrived!!

Pleased to share with you – “Baby B”.  A very healthy 7 pound, 12 oz boy.  Measuring at 21 inches long and he already has Husband and I completely smitten.


Stinkin’ cute, huh?!?

Now, onto the FUN 4th of July Project…

As you probably have noticed, we were raised in a family that loves the good ol’ USA.  As Hilary shared before, much of this credit is due to our Grammie.  Not only did she belt out hymns as we traveled with her, songs honoring the great United States were at the top of her list too.  Singing Victory in Jesus and then leading right into Battle Hymn of the Republic was not out of character for her.  They are memories that are loved and cherished by us all.

Hoping to instill that love, respect, and honor for our country into our children as our parents and grandparents have done is something that we all have committed to doing.  What other way to do that with a 7, 5, and soon to be 3 year old than to make awesome patriotic shirts for them to sport on one of our countries greatest days.

This tutorial is very short and sweet.  Pretty self explanatory and full of pictures for you.  So…here we go.

First, gather your supplies.


Supplies: 3 white t-shirts, 4 pieces of cardboard (3 for inside the shirts and 1 to be used as paint tray), Red and Blue paint, and paint brushes. 

Place a piece of cardboard inside each shirt.  Get it positioned as much of in the center of the shirt as you can.  This will not only give your littles a nice sturdy surface to work on, but will also prevent paint from bleeding through to the backside of the shirt.


Once you have prepped your t-shirt with cardboard… time to paint!  Place the blue paint directly onto the child’s hand.  Using a brush, spread the paint over the child’s hand. Note: you will want to pretty much drench their hand in the paint.  The cotton of the shirt will absorb a great amount of paint.  Once the paint is spread, have the child place it on the left corner of the shirt.  You will want to assist with this step, especially with pulling their hand off.

Image   Image

Image   Image

  Notice how the palm print is not very dark?  There was not enough paint on “L’s” hand, so we had to do some touching up. 


All better!

Here are some pics of “R’s” process.  She definitely had enough blue paint on her hand. 🙂

Image   Image

Note: Her mom is not really pinching/hurting her in the one picture.  I verified…

Your next step is to give each child a dollop of red paint and paint brush.  Remember: this is their masterpiece.  I told them they needed to have 7 red lines, they were to go to the end of the cardboard, and that their top red lines would be shorter than the lower red lines because of the blue handprint.  If you wish to give them a bit more guidance, you could always place tape on their shirt and have them paint in between the lines.  I allowed their creative juices to fly…



 “L” working on her t-shirt and her finished project

 Image Image

“R‘s” shirt and a snap shot of the 3 completed shirts.  **Sorry for the yellow-y pictures** You will want to “loosen” the front of the shirt from the cardboard prior to allowing them to fully dry.  If not, you will end up with some cardboard pieces adhering to the inside of your shirt. Loosening the front of the shirt will assist with avoiding this. 


A lovely picture of the finished pieces with cardboard removed.  The three littles are very much looking forward to sporting these next Thursday!

 Next week will be a lovely 4th of July recipe for you.  I wish you a wonderful week.  I’m off to check on Baby B for the millionth time.  With each grunt, squeak, and/or moan Husband and/or I are headed to his nursery…

Happy Wednesday!


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