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A Rainbow After the Storm

Many of you probably have read about my dear friend Laurel and her amazing generosity in one of the darkest seasons she and her family will probably have to walk through on this side of Glory.  If you have not read that story, you can find it here.  I reread this story on Monday and still cried.  It is impossible to not shed tears when thinking about this dear friend and her willingness during her loss.  Today, their family welcomed their rainbow baby.  But before details… some thoughts…


As believers, we know that God will never give us more than we can handle.  If you believe in the Bible, and believe that everything in it is true, you must believe this.  If you are not a believer, you know that the human race is tested time and again, and it never breaks. Each of us face trials and storms in our lives.  Some, like Laurel and Bryan face the unthinkable: the passing of a child; while others face cancer, the loss of a significant other, the loss of a parent, disease, etc.  These are what we know as storms of life.  Each of us with our own trial, but storms nonetheless.  However – after our heavy rainstorm today, I was reminded that you cannot have a rainbow without that storm just as a double rainbow filled the sky above our home.


Yesterday was Elias’s birthday.  June 15th, 2015 he came into our world and was called home to his Heavenly father just 16 days later.  He got to celebrate his 1st birthday in the presence of the one who makes all things new.  Elias, who battled for 16 days, ran through heaven with a perfect body – and if his earthly father has anything to say about it – perhaps he played a game of catch or two. Elias’s life, though just 16 days old, impacted more people that I could hope to have impacted in my 31+ years of life on this earth.


Throughout this year, it has been a time of mourning, healing, and growing baby #4.  Around September, Laurel found out she was expecting again.  Throughout the course of her pregnancy there were questions, worries, and reflections on her pregnancy with Elias; but also – so much JOY.  They were expecting their rainbow baby.  Friends and family were kept up to speed with updates throughout the pregnancy on the “Baby Patton Update” Facebook group.  Here they could reflect and share prayer requests with ease.  The greatest news was posted this morning that shared her water had broken.


EEK!!!  WHAT?!?!  Just 1 day after Elias was born.  How crazy amazing is that?!  After laboring at home for a bit, it was quickly off to the hospital, where they welcomed baby Titus (Ty).  The girl labored for 2.5 hours, had a successful VBAC, and delivered a 7 lb 15 oz handsome little fella.  And just one day after his brother’s grand entrance to our world.  Rainbow baby, like none other.

Baby Titus (Ty) ... Rainbow Baby
Baby Titus (Ty) … Rainbow Baby


Momma and baby are doing well.  She is tired, “but not exhausted…yet.”  🙂  I could not be more elated for my dear friend.  What a tremendous blessing to this sweet girl and her family.


We, at The Domestic Four, are thrilled and rejoicing with Laurel and her family.  And anxious to meet this gift from above.  Ahhh…the smell of a baby… nothing sweeter.  Am I right, Danielle?


I wish you each a fantastic Friday!  Squeeze your loved ones a little tighter.




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