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A Review of T25

Good early afternoon all!  As stated in our Intro piece, Kelsea referred to me a as a “fitness loving weirdo”.  That is quite accurate.  I would have to say that since my junior year of high school I have really focused on being healthy.  There were running jokes, all in good fun, that we still drum up today.  For example: I thought it important to make good use of every opportunity.  So, during commercial breaks I would do crunches, push-ups, squats, lunges…I could go on.  Weird, probably yes, but hey…what can you do.

I am by no means a small individual.  And when I say being healthy – I mean just that.  Eating right and working out.  Not trying to be the next J Crew model, just trying to make sure I’m around to see my kids, grand kids, and maybe a great grandchild or two. 🙂

Becoming a mom has been an eye opener for me.  I was busy as a wife and teacher, and now throwing in a little dude that I need to care for, you can guess what took a trip to the back burner.  With having to set up a classroom twice, learn new curriculum with the role out of Common Core, and juggle the house all fall while Hubby was teaching and coaching football…those 40-60 minute workouts just weren’t happening.  The little one and I would take walks/jogs, but I just couldn’t get into my groove.  Hitting the ground running at 5:30 in the morning, only to sit for the first time at around 7:00 pm for dinner…by the time everything was cleaned up and Baby B to bed, I was beat and still had lessons to plan and papers to grade.  Do you see my conundrum? I would become bummed, so I pulled out my shorter Turbo Fire workouts.  (I love those things…but the workouts vary with some of them being 45 min plus.)

Needing something that was quick and would give me results was what I was desperately searching for.  Then…I thought about all of Jassia’s (a fellow teacher and recent Beachbody Coach) pics from her progress through the program over the summer.  I began picking her brain and reading other’s reviews on the program.  Still a bit skeptical, I just waited and continued my discussions and search.  After spending an afternoon at my mom’s and hearing one of the brothers say they would like to give the program a try, we agreed to split the cost and go for it.  Thus far, I am very pleased.  So…here goes!

A bit of background: T25 is a program that requires you to go hard for 25 minutes a day.  That’s it!  Created by Shaun T, mastermind of Instanity, he developed this program to give participants great results in a short amount of time.  There are 2 levels: Alpha and Beta.  Alpha is your first five weeks (obviously), followed by Beta for 5 weeks.  Another great thing about this program is that for the Alpha round you only need a mat/carpet/blanket.  No true equipment needed.  In Beta, you need the mat and either a resistance band or a set of hand weights.  Yes, that is it. 🙂 The workouts for the Alpha round are: Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals, Lower Focus and Stretch.  Beta has a new set of workouts for the last five weeks.  I will update on those once I’m into that round.  The program is awesome because it focuses on working your whole body, in a quick amount of time, but there is NO resting time.  You begin moving right out of the gate and aren’t finished until the 25 minute timer reads 00:00.

Currently, I am in week three and I. Love. It!  I am dripping with sweat, feel great, and try to smile at the end of the workout.  I truly don’t mind any of the workouts, with the exception of Total Body Circuit.  By midway through, I want to go through the TV and punch Shaun T in the face.  However, I know it’s all for my benefit…and when I hear the others in the video (his 4 workout crew members) huffing and puffing…I know it is a good workout.  I will also state: this is one of the two workouts I have to complete some of the modified exercises.  An oblique push up…umm..yea. The other video I follow the modified version is for the Ab Intervals, thank you little child for demolishing what little abs I had.  Which brings me to my next point, another great part of this program is that there is a modification for each movement, and that girl is sweating right along with the rest of them…so you know that it is still quality.  Heck, when I do the modified version, I am still dripping.  I am thoroughly impressed with T25.

While I have more praise than criticism for this program, there is a thing or two I do want to inform you of.

#1 – Everything you will see on TV says that it is a 5-day, 25 minute program.  While each workout is 25 minutes…they forget to tell you that on Sundays you are to complete the 25 minute stretch video and Fridays, you are to actually do 2, 25 minute workouts.  Do you have to, no.  You could do one Friday and one on your off day on Saturday.  But then the program has become a 7-days a week workout program (when including the stretch on Sunday).  As I continue to remind myself, it is 25 minutes, I think I can handle that.  I love the stretching on Sunday…it is seriously just to increase your flexibility and get your body ready for another week of the program.  I have done the 2 workout days both ways (2 in one day and 1 on Friday and 1 on Saturday).  The week of Thanksgiving I only did one of the workouts and still skipped Saturday.  Did it harm me, probably not…but I guess you could say I didn’t follow the “workout program” with fidelity that week.  I don’t think it is truly going to hurt me in the long run though.  So, if you are going to venture down the T25 Road, please note that it is a 6/7 days a week program. 🙂

#2 – The results you will see on the infomercials and in the blurps before the program begins on the disk are obviously not “typical,” but are true.  They are very much results of people who have used the program and included the Shakeology regiment.  Shakeology is similar to a protein shake, but created and sold by the Beachbody company.  It is a shake packed with super food, and I have heard that it is delicious and effective…but at almost $4 a serving, that is not in the cards for this wife/mother/public school educator.   Maybe if I were single… I have upped my intake of protein packed foods (Shaun T is a big fan of eggs) and am aware of what I eat on a daily basis.  I have seen results already, probably not to the extent I could if I were using Shakeology, but it will have to do.

#3 – There is a cost.  The program sells for around $130.  However, if you divide that out as if paying for a yearly membership at a local gym, the monthly cost is $10.83/month.  A membership at one of our local gyms (the cheapest) is $25/month and that is with a year commitment.  And, you can stay in your home, complete your workout in 25 minutes while Little Jimmy/Suzie take one of their naps, and save at least $170 a year on a gym membership.  Considerate of your time and financially savvy for you family…sign me up!  $130 is also cheaper than that elliptical or treadmill you are eying up and asking family members to go in on for a Christmas gift for you.  And, as an elliptical owner, I never got as detailed a workout in 25 minutes on the elliptical as I do the videos.  Perhaps you and your neighbor could split it?  One complete the exercise in the morning, and one in the evening.  Or better yet…together so you have accountability.

When we get down to the brass tacks, we all know it is the effort you put into the program you choose that creates the results.  I am a fan of T25 and will continue to share my fascination for it.  I will update you in 2 weeks, when I finish Alpha and then mid way through Beta and then at the end.  Looking forward to sharing with you.

I will leave you with two things.

A – here you can peruse all that Beachbody has to offer.  It is Jassia Gerity’s Coaching site.  As I stated earlier, she is a fellow teacher in my district and a Beachbody coach.  Any questions, she is your woman.  She also offers specials, so keep her website handy!  If you want to consider T25, she can hook you up and answer any questions you might have.

And B – a real-life photo of me after my T25 Alpha Cardio workout this morning.  This is me being vulnerable and transparent.  If I can do it and survive, you can too..believe me! **Please excuse the hair…ha!**

T25 Blog Review

Happy Thursday!

~ Sami

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