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Alpha-Bits ‘Cake’ Pops

For the first time the sisters and I have been invited to participate in a blogging campaign with a major brand and we’re SO excited! The brand? Alpha-Bits cereal! When I first found out what cereal we would be working with, I remembered eating it as a kid.  I remembered it being good and, probably somewhat obsessively, looking for all the necessary letters to spell my name while eating my bowl of cereal.  Years later, as a mom, I actually pay attention to the content of the cereal.  No, not that all 26 letters can be found within the box.  I’m talking about the INGREDIENTS used, which recommended vitamins and minerals are included, and of course how much of that pesky sugar is in each serving.  I’m happy to report, I found all good news! You can read more about it for yourself here, but I was pleasantly surprised and have subsequently added it to our breakfast cereal choices.

Now, that campaign I was talking about.  Well, we have been tasked with creating TWO recipes using Alpha Bits cereal.  Immediately our minds went to trail mix, muddy buddies, cereal bars, etc.  The only problem, we’re working in a group with several other bloggers and we’ve ALL been given the same, two recipe, task so we knew those ideas would be hit hard.  So… we thought harder, and came up with two recipes that we we’re pretty excited about.  The second one will hit the blog the week of Thanksgiving, but today is go time with recipe #1 so … ‘Cake’ Pops it is!!!  (Yeah, all that good stuff I was just talking about… out the window.  This one is a dessert for sure!)

Alpha Bits Cake Pops |

Are you wondering why I keep using the ‘ ‘ when I write ‘Cake’ Pops???

Is it annoying?

I’m sorry.

Well… I keep doing it because there is NO actual cake in our ‘Cake’ Pops.

Ha! Did it again!

Ok, I’ll stop.

So what is in our pops? Crushed up Alpha Bits cereal (and a little bit of icing) but mostly just Alpha-Bits cereal! That’s it! Crazy huh?

And you know what else?  They were SUPER easy to make and absolutely DELICIOUS!  We made them two different ways and both turned out amazing.  The kids inhaled them and the adults tasked with trying our creations thought they were wonderful as well.  If you just want the recipe feel free to scroll to the bottom (there’s also a link for a COUPON down there) but if you’d like the step-by-step, feel free to stick around for a few and I’ll walk you through it!

First, we took about 2 cups of Alpha Bits and tossed them into my Nutribullet (LOVE this thing) and pulsed it a few times until the cereal was pretty crushed up.  There were a few chunks though, you don’t want dust.

Then, we added about 1/2 – 2/3 c. regular vanilla icing and mix well, I used a pasty blender.  You want it pretty sticky but not gooey.  Now, this is where you can get creative if you wish.  The first time around we just added the vanilla icing.  The second round, we added about 2 tbsp. peanut butter.  You see where this is going? Yep, peanut butter chocolate deliciousness is on it’s way!

Then we took my large cookie scoop and made balls of the cereal/icing mixture and put them into the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Finally, we pulled them out (one or two at a time), added the stick and dipped each one in melted chocolate (we used almond bark because it melts easier and is far cheaper).
Tip: Dip the stick in the chocolate before putting into the ball, it will harden and act a little like glue.

Because there were several sets of hands we took turns holding them up until the chocolate hardened a bit on the cake balls, but this little contraption worked pretty well too.  Just an old egg carton covered with foil and holes poked into it.

Then, because we had these adorable letters to work with (gotta love the Alpha Bits!), we decided to spell each of the kids’ names on their cake pop.

What can we say… we had a little time on our hands!

The kids were fans.  The adults were fans.  They were just plain good!

So, if you need a fun new idea for a party or gathering, you may want to give this one a try!

Oh! Here’s that coupon I promised (link) and be sure to check back soon for our second recipe!



Alpha Bits ‘Cake Pops (makes 9-10 pops)

2 cups Alpha Bits Cereal

1/2 – 2/3 cups regular vanilla icing

3 bricks Almond Bark (or melting chocolate)

pop sticks

1. Crush cereal using blender or food processor (you want it pretty well crushed up but not dust)

2. Add icing (you want the mixture sticky but not gooey)

3. Create balls and cool in refrigerator for aprox. 30 minutes

4. Working with one or two at a time, pull from fridge, place stick in the middle and dip in melted chocolate.



***The Domestic Four is being compensated by Sverve for our time in creating this recipe and subsequent blog post.  All opinions are our own.***

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