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Amazing Steak Sandwiches & Mojitos

Tonight I made Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man Sandwiches.

I do not re-work this recipe except for 2 things: 1) I add garlic powder. 2) I don’t remove the onions from the pan like she does. I just let them cook away with the meat.




I love these things. You CAN add cheese if you want. I recommend provolone or Swiss. And I’m sure my husband will want to add cheese when he gets home to eat. 🙂

While I made my menu this week I thought, “Mojitos would go so great with those sandwiches!” Heck … mojitos will go well with cereal.

I just recently started drinking mojitos. We were out to dinner with some great friends of ours who are also out here for recruiting. We truly enjoy each others’ company and we enjoy going out to dinner and having a few drinks and talking for a long time. The last time we went out I was gawking at the drinks at the next table. I saw the mojito and promptly ordered one – even though I had never had one and the idea of mint and lime didn’t sound too great.

It arrived at the table, I took my first sip, and then I squealed, “IT IS FIZZZZZY!” Throughout my pregnancy, and after, I had (have) a serious problem with fizzy beverages. (Non-alcoholic beverages whilst pregnant of course! I drank a lot … a lot … A LOT of Sprite.) So the fact that it was fizzy and slightly sweet and a little tangy was perfection. The only problem is – those are $6 a pop. I came up with my own little recipe at home and wham bam boom … $1.63 a pop.

These are actually quite simple to make!


You’ll need:

2-3 tablespoons simple syrup (1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water heated until sugar is melted and then cooled)
1 tablespoon sweetened lime juice (optional)
handful of ice
white rum of choice (amount desired)
1 or 2 lime wedges
2-4 mint leaves

First in the bottom of your glass throw in your mint leaves – that you’ve ripped up, your lime wedge(s), simple syrup and lime juice. Muddle this – don’t bang the crap out of it (ha!) just bruise your leaves and squeeze out some of that lime juice. I used the end of a wooden spoon. Pretty gangsta if you ask me.



Second throw in a good handful of ice and add your desired amount of rum. I never do more than 1/2 an ounce. If I lessen the rum I can drink 2-3 without being under the table. Which is nice considering I’m a mom and all.


Third it’s time for the fizzy. Top off the whole drink with delicious club soda and stir gently. I also like to rub a mint leaf around the rim, just to give it that initial mint taste.




Finally take a sip and sigh. Because you just made an awesome mojito at home. And it only cost $1.63 to do it.


BUT WAIT … You want MORE?! Ok.

Take your mojito and throw in some frozen blueberries and some fresh strawberries. Perfection I tell you. Perfection.



And because it’s Wednesday and I LOVE this commercial:



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