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Baby Food: DIY!



In two weeks my little turd will be 4 months old. We’ve been doing the rice cereal here and there to get used to the spoon, and next month we’re going all in. Well … All in as in up to veggies. Fruits will follow later on. (Don’t worry, I’ll post about that too!) However, if you don’t think your kid is ready or you’re curious if he/she is – talk to your pediatrician. I’m no expert. I know that all my siblings and I were eating fruits, veggies, cereal, and some meats by the time we were 6 months old. All of my nieces and nephew followed suit. We start our food introduction early in this family. It’s just what we elect to do. If YOU do not, don’t think you’re doing it wrong. Remember what we talked about? Who CARES how you do it?! And you shouldn’t worry how someone else does it either! The decision is yours.




Now that that is out of the way … Let’s get down to baby food making.

I’ll make a list at the bottom of this post with links to where I found everything. So fret not my dear friends. I won’t leave you in the dark.

To start the baby food making process I asked Danielle, “Uhm what do I start with?” Her response was, “Whatever is grossest. Peas, green beans, etc.” So while I was grocery shopping I picked up close to a month’s worth of veggies beginning with the gross ones – peas and green beans. Which are actually two of my fave veggies? Weird. I also elected to purchase butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

I had heard rave reviews about Start Fresh: Your Child’s Jump Start to Lifelong Healthy Eating. Since I have a Kindle book buying problem (I’m seeking help…) I went ahead and purchased the book and I’ve gotta say – I love that man. I love that book. I love all the recipes!

We’re just talking simple veggies here now, so Tyler and his Ultimate Baby Food Extravaganza Making Wonderfulness (not the real title of the book) will have to wait. But I did take some pointers from him in regards to the process of steaming/roasting the veggies.

I only spent money purchasing these AMAZING ice cube trays and a skinny spatula. I have a blender and a steaming basket that fits one of my pots perfectly. No need to go all fancy according to Tyler the Great. I also opted out of roasting the veggies for right now as it could add a different flavor and I didn’t want to make a ton of this crap and then Baby E be like, “AWWW HECK NO!” 



You ready for this super complicated, never ending, you’ll die doing it process? Here we go.

1) Get a pot and a steamer basket that fits in it.
2) Fill with just enough water so that it isn’t touching the steamer basket, but ample enough to steam for 10-15 minutes.
3) Fill the basket with cut up, washed veggies.
4) Put the lid on it.
5) Set to med/high and allow the veggies to steam 10-15 minutes until fork tender.
6) Blend in blender for smooth consistency (great for beginners) or food processor (for older babes ready for texture).
7) Add leftover water from steaming to blender with veggies in small increments. DO NOT dump it all in at once! This is merely just to help it along and help it to smooth out. You will use more depending upon different veggies.
8) Spread into your ice cube trays and freeze.
9) Pop out of trays and store in labeled ziploc baggies.



Oh my gosh SO difficult right? Just kidding. 🙂 Super easy!

There are two schools of thought on storage time: I’ve read only up to 1 month in a freezer or up to 3 months. I don’t see food lasting up to 3 months unless you made LARGE batches. When I make large batches I’m not planning on keeping them longer than 3 months just to be safe.

I’m terrified of BPA so I purchased glass containers to microwave in. Baby E doesn’t have aversions to temperature. She’ll drink a bottle cold or warm. Eat cereal warm or room temp. If your baby does prefer warmth just defrost the food in the refrigerator overnight (this will take some planning) and heat in a glass or BPA-free container in the microwave. As far as travel – we don’t really travel farther than 2 hours away from our home. We don’t live close to family so it’s not something that we should worry over. When we do travel I have a cute little ice pack that I purchased that fits nicely in our diaper bag and I’ll just pop a few in when we head out. If that seems like hassle to you – there are PLENTY of jarred/bagged baby food that is perfectly acceptable. Go on with your bad self. One of my biggest motivations for not using jarred food is price. Making my own is MUCH cheaper, and I must say, it tastes pretty dang good too.

Basic baby food rules are going to apply for us – she will not get the sweet stuff until we get a solid grasp on the peas, green beans, and broccoli. Then we will try out the butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. After that we’ll open the door to fruits. Always being sure to feed the vegetables before the fruits as well as giving 3 days of the same food each day to rule out allergies.


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