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Baby Food Part 2: Fruits

Since I posted about how I make Baby E’s veggies at home, a lot of people have pinned and repinned and shared! It’s been awesome! It’s encouraging to see that there are other parents or soon to be parents just as interested in making their baby food at home – and saving a ton! It helps us know what YOU want to read about so we can deliver.


Well, the time is upon us … Baby E has mastered cereal and veggies and we have them both each day. I promised myself that as soon as she was eating every vegetable in the freezer I would introduce fruit. I didn’t want her to get a taste of anything too sweet to where she we would reject the vegetables. I’m happy to report that even after introducing the fruit she still devours her vegetables! By introducing foods that we eat, and how we eat them, our kid won’t be so shocked when she sits down to eat dinner at age 7 and on her plate is a sweet potato, garlic green beans, and a piece of grilled chicken. While I love my sweets I am entirely content eating an apple with a little bit of peanut butter, and I very much want our daughter to be the same way.

Making fruits is about as easy as making the veggies, but there is a little more prep work involved. Most fruits come with a skin and that skin has to be removed prior to steaming and mashing. As your child gets older (gets teeth) and is taking textured food I would recommend leaving those skins on (apples, pears, peaches…). They DO have nutrients in them and when we eat an apple, peach, pear, etc we eat the skin.

For introductory fruits I purchased:




Now as far as bananas go – you don’t do anything with these. When you plan on feeding your baby bananas you just mash them up with a fork. Make sure you get it as lump-free as possible!

The apples, pears, mango, and apricots I elected to steam. Many of the books I have read have you boiling and I just couldn’t justify boiling all of the nutrients out of the fruits. So I pulled out my handy steamer basket, prepped the fruits, and steamed away. Same process as the vegetables – when they were tender I placed them immediately in the blender with a little tiny bit of their steaming water and I blended. Immediately afterward I poured the fruit puree into my favorite Tovolo ice cube trays and popped them in the freezer to freeze over night. Each fruit was then placed in a labeled ziploc baggie for easy storage.


*Here’s a step that I did that you DO NOT have to do for success – I added a little bit of 100% white grape juice to the fruits. Here is why – I live in Wyoming and rumor has it that produce (even in the summer) is awful here. I tried to pick the ripest fruits that I could find, but even they were a little tart. By adding a splash of the white grape juice it sweetened things just a little. Again this isn’t required, completely up to you. Baby E has received a little watered down grape juice before when we had some constipation issues, so I know she is not allergic to it and that it doesn’t upset her tummy. Ultimately decide what is right for your baby and what you are comfortable introducing and when.

I’ve been asked a few times on WHEN to feed the baby the solids. I am no expert, but I chose fruits and cereal for mid-morning/lunch and veggies for dinner.

Our daily schedule looks like this:

8:00 AM: 6 oz bottle
8:30-10:30 AM: Playtime
10:30-11:30 AM: Nap
11:30 AM: Cereal mixed with fruit (mixed with 1 ounce formula) & remaining 5 oz in bottle
12:00 – 12:30 PM: Playtime
12:30 – 3:30 PM: Nap
3:30 PM: 6 oz bottle
3:45/4:00 – 5 PM: Playtime
5:00 PM: Vegetables (1 oz)
5:15-6:30 PM: Playtime
6:30 PM: 6 oz bottle
7:00 PM: Bathtime
7:15-7:30 PM: Bed

I’m a stickler for our schedule. Now if need be and the schedule has to change for a day or two I am understanding, and Baby E seems to roll with the punches. A normal, every day type of situation runs exactly like the above. And you wouldn’t believe how fantastic it is! (I guess it’s the marine wife in me. Love organization and love to have control. ;-)) Ultimately it is your decision (I say that a lot!). If you would like to do a combo of veggies and fruit in the afternoon – go on with your bad self. I’m sure it will morph as we are eating more and getting a little bigger.


Any questions about this do not hesitate to ask away in the comments section or email us at! I love making baby food and I love talking about it even more!

It’s naptime and I’ve got a whole hour to clean my house … excuse me. 🙂


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