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Beach Trick for the Babes

It looks as if our beach trip ended just in time.  The exact town that we were staying in has a Hurricane Watch issued.  Husband made the comment that he thought it would be cool to be down there.  My reply: A gridlocked evacuation route with a newly 1 year old, I don’t think so.  As I write this, I hope and pray for those of Kure Beach, NC and other eastern coastal towns threatened by this storm.  I hope they are wise and that everyone remains safe.  And that “Our Red House” is safe and sound.

Our trip this year was our first time at the beach as a family of three.  Little man turned one on the first full day of our trip.  I was a bit nervous when I thought about our daily trip to the sand and water.  First, both husband and I are incredibly fair skinned.  When you have two parents like that and they reproduce, what do you get?  A doubly fair skinned, toe-headed child.  His skin and the sun…well we can guess who would win.  So, SPF 50 and Brandt were best friends.  …Not to mention the sun shirt, hat, umbrella, cabana…shall I go on?  Ha!

The next concern on my mind was that the little one LoVeS the water.  Bath time at our home is practice for his future athletic career as a swimmer.  We’re talking, on our belly practicing what appears to be a promising free style stroke.  So, when planning for the beach, I was a bit nervous.  How do we teach him that the world’s swimming pool is not the few inches in our bathtub at home?  Needless to say I was a bit overbearing…but better safe than sorry.  He proved to be a champ.  Not afraid of the ocean at all.  Honestly, if I had let him, he would have crawled/walked right out into the water without any help or support.  Kind of scary, but I guess I would rather that than having him terrified.  Our other issue was sand.  Unlike most children, he loved the sand.  He liked to play in it, rub it on his appendages like he was at the spa, and he loved to eat it.  Would he try to eat the shells? Nope.  Sand was more to his taste.  We’re talking pinchers full of sand, into the mouth, a small chew and swallow.  Gross.  But, eh – I guess that is how little ones are.

With as much as I enjoyed playing with the little one, sitting for 3+ hours in the surf and getting sand washed into my suit that entire time was not something I was game for.  Not to mention, that amount of sun was no bueno for the translucent family.  So, the alternative to the surf was a hole in the sand, covered with a shower curtain, and filled with a few buckets of sea water.  I’ve seen it around Pinterest and I have to say I am pleased with how it worked.

It’s pretty simple.  Husband dug a shallow hole, we lined it with our dollar store shower curtain liner, and the nieces assisted in hauling up buckets of sea water.  The end: a lovely cool spot, in the shade, for B-man to play and enjoy the beach as much as everyone else was…with the exception of Auntie Danielle.  🙁

Now, the little one is SUPER mobile and loves the sand more than the water.  So a few things to note.

1 – I tucked the sand UNDER the edges of the shower curtain.  When he saw the piles of sand, that was all the reason to pull it towards him, which quickly caused more sand than water in his little oasis.

2 – I will go with a clear liner next time.  I think he would have been less likely to try and climb out if he could have seen the sand below.  Wishful thinking? Maybe.

3 – Spend the $2.97 for the decent liners at Walmart.  We were about 15-20 minutes from the closest Walmart, but about 5 minutes from the Dollar General.  I just ran in there.  I actually spent $4 and got a lesser quality product.  Hindsight, drive the extra 10 minutes or remember to purchase before heading south.

Overall, it was a great little alternative for the tot.  He loved to fill the toys and dump them, often on his own head.  It kept him cool and occupied, not to mention out of the sun, and quelled the NEED of being down in the surf.

Here are a few shots of the oasis.  Please excuse the quality.  The sun was SUPER bright and I was using my cell phone.



I hope you all are enjoying your summer.  If you are headed to the beach – I wish you a wonderful time.  Those of you that are located in the Eastern Coastal regions that are being hit by this storm – I pray for your safety.   Let me know of any tips you all have to contain a newly turned toddler at the beach.  There is potential for another quick trip to the beach at the end of the month with the other side of the family.

I leave you with just one more picture.  My gents at the Aquarium.  B-man is workin’ it!


Happy Thursday!




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