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Ben’s Baseball Room- The Plan

So, my poor Benny has been living in a ‘prison cell’ according to my sisters.  In the old house we had made him a makeshift nursery, the house was pretty much a shoebox and we literally had to build a wall to make him a room.  Anyway, when we moved I had grand plans of making him the ‘perfect’ little boy baseball room.  We’ve now lived here almost 11 months and his room still looks the same as it did when we moved in.  Parenting fail.  But, I’ve determined that this weekend is it!  Ben will be getting his baseball room, finally!!!

To get things rolling I re-visited my “Kids’ Rooms” board on Pinterest and added a few more ideas for this project.  One of the things I stumbled on were these AMAZING prints on Etsy.  Unfortunately, they’re pretty pricey and definitely don’t fit our budget.  So, I took the husband out to the yard with my trusty camera and told him what to do.

After a little editing in Picasa, I must say I’m quite proud of us!







These will be printed and hung together on one wall.  Feel free to print and use, just let people know where to find them if they ask.


We’re also planning on doing a ‘baseball’ wall.


And an ‘infield’ on the opposite wall, with a Phillies ‘P’ of course!

photo (1)

AND, I have a fun canvas project and a DIY headboard using a pallet.  You’ll definitely want to check back when I start rolling those projects out!  For now, I need to get some kids to bed and prepare for one more day of work.  Kids showing up at 7am!

It’s almost Friday!

To baseball dreams!


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