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Ben’s Baseball Room- The Result

After MANY hours of work I can say Ben’s room is about 96% finished, yay! The headboard needs one final touch, I’ll explain later, and we have an autographed baseball jersey we need to get into a shadow box and hung… other than that, we’re good to go!  He is very proud of his ‘big boy baseball room’ and I must say I agree.  It turned out great and is currently one of my favorite rooms in our home.

I’m going to start with the headboard because I have about half a tutorial for it.  First things first, you need to find yourself a pallet and a nice one at that.  I was so excited when I scored this pallet and quickly decided what I wanted to use it for, unfortunately it was quite rough and required a lot of work sanding etc to make it even close to ‘nice.’  This one was more suited for an outdoor project but with some a lot of work, it turned out ok.


We started by removing the top board (because it was in bad shape) and salvaging as many of the good ones as possible.  I knew I only needed enough boards to go about 1/3 of the way down the pallet so it left us some room for error.  Then I sanded, and sanded, and sanded finally getting them pretty close to smooth.


Then I reattached them with wood glue and screws.  I used pretty long screws and the original nail holes and it worked well.


After some MORE sanding I finally got it to an ‘ok’ state.  My brother-in-law recommended some form of wax to take it the rest of the way and I’ll be getting some of that soon.  I’ll be sure to update if it works.  Now, this baby still isn’t quite ‘finished’… I’m on the prowl for an all wood baseball bat that I’m going to have one of my brothers cut in half.  I’ll then attach the two halves to the headboard so they look like two crossed bats.  I’m ‘striking out’ so far but I have a few leads and hope to get it finished up soon.  I’ll be sure to post an updated picture when I do.

Now for the room.  Once I got in there and started painting, I quickly realized my “plan” was a little too much for the small space.  Add that to the fact that the wall I planned to use for the ‘infield wall’ featured two ugly return vents… I decided we could only treat one of the walls.  But, when doing a project like this you MUST be flexible so the husband and I decided to go with the baseball wall and skip the infield.  Sad.  That said, it turned out great, and you can see the ‘almost’ finished headboard.


I scored this great canvas print at Michaels (with a coupon of course) and knew it absolutely belonged in the baseball room.  The pitch prints perfectly complimented it so they were hung on either side.  Feel free to print and use too, you can find them here.




The last wall was supposed to be the infield, sigh.  But we came up with a pretty good backup plan.  I used a canvas that came from a pack I split with Sami and made the little man his own ‘jersey.’  His dad picked #10 because he was born in 2010.  The other two items we had found or been given and have been saving for his bedroom.





We’re thrilled with the result and no one enters our home without Ben treating them to a tour of his ‘baseball room.’

To home run dreams!



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