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BODYARMOR: What Do Kids Think

*Note: I am being compensated for my time in doing this review but all opinions and views are¬†our own. I mean seriously… are kids going to lie? ūüôā

When I was given the opportunity to review a new sports drink on the market, I jumped at the chance!¬†Most sports drinks available are just¬†electrolyte filled sugar water and taste TERRIBLE if you ask me.¬†¬†Regular old water is just fine as far as I’m concerned.¬† This one was different though, BODYARMOR is made with coconut water, boasts¬†100% of the recommended daily intake of several vitamins (200% of others), and contains no artificial flavors; I just had to try this stuff!


While I did get to try each flavor, I decided to go a bit of a different direction with the review.¬† My kids have finally entered the world of kids’ sports.¬† I held off as long as I could, but it was inevitable.¬†¬†While sitting at multiple practices and games, I quickly noticed that just about every kid arrives toting some form of sports drink.¬† Yeah, there are a few with water but most have their favorite blue, red, orange, or yellow bottle.¬† So I got to thinking, if we’re going to hand a kid something other than water it should actually be good for them.¬† Enter BODYARMOR!


The question is… with all that ‘good’ stuff in it, will kids even drink it?

Cue our totally scientific taste test!


These are our adorable taste testers and they were jumping out of their skin excited! Represented here are wrestlers, football players, cheerleaders, soccer players, swimmers, basketball players, gymnasts, baseball players, softball players, dancers, and martial artists.  Yep, we covered just about everything!

I called the kids up one at a time (so they would give a true opinion and not just agree with a friend) and gave them a taste of each kind.

Happy Faces = they liked it. Sad Faces = they didn’t.


I told you it was scientific! ūüôā As you can see,¬†they liked all the flavors for the most part. I was surprised that all the kids liked the Tropical Punch.¬† I guess I didn’t think they would care for that one because of the citrus flavors, but they did.¬† While it did get a no vote, the Fruit Punch was picked the most as the ‘favorite’ which wasn’t surprising to me because… well, kids like red stuff.

Overall, the kids loved it and said they would be thrilled if mom or dad showed up to their sporting events with one of these rather than something else.

Now, the stuff that moms and dads care about, is it really that much better?

In my¬†opinion, yes.¬† I would never buy regular sports drinks because, to me, it’s not worth it.¬† Knowing what is in this,¬†I would definitely be more compelled to give it to a child than any of the competitors.¬†Like I said, I prefer water but if you’re going to buy something,¬†BODYARMOR should be your choice.¬† I assume as my kids get older, and begin to train harder, having something that will¬†help them recover will be necessary and I will be sure to reach for the BODYARMOR over anything else!

Oh, and as far as my opinion about flavor, I like them all except the Fruit Punch.  Strawberry Banana and Tropical Punch are AMAZING!!! The husband scooped up what was left of the Orange Mango as soon as all the kids had all tried it and it was gone immediately, so I guess he likes them too.

If you’re looking for more information check out their website It’s filled with TONS of information as well as where it can be purchased! Have you tried BODYARMOR? I’d love to hear what you thought, leave me a comment below!!


7 thoughts on “BODYARMOR: What Do Kids Think”

  • I have a son who is old enough to need a drink to help him recover. We started drinking Body Armor about 3 wks ago. He trains 3X’s a wk and has practice twice a wk. Then plays in basketball tournaments on the wkend. I asked him if he truly thought Body Armor did the things they said it would. He said yes. He liked the taste better than the more popular drinks and it helps with his endurance. Body Armor will now be our drink of choice.

    • I’m so glad! We were just going on taste when we wrote that review. We didn’t test the recovery impact, though I know others have and note that they notice a difference. I’m so glad your son likes it, I’ll definitely be keeping it around for when my kidos get a bit bigger. Thank you so much for sharing! -Danielle

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