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Caprese Lasagna Rolls


Do you know my husband went to Italy without me?

Yep. He really did. Even went to Venice. Without me.

Had pizza and pasta in Italy – without me.
Had beer and wine in Italy – without me.
Rode around on bikes in Italy – without me.

Where was I? Back in North Carolina. Getting cardio in by walking around Target. Eating rice cakes and Toaster Strudels as my main meals.

Okay I guess I should mention he went to Italy for a few months before he deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months. And it was a requirement for work. Like “part of the deployment.” Pretty cush deployment if you ask me … 😉

But ask any military spouse and we all have these stories of our significant other going to these really cool places without us and we get stuck at home.

Eating butter sticks dipped in cinnamon and sugar.

Well, because Staff Sergeant Fancypants went to Italy and had the real deal stuff my “Italian” meals are more just “white girl trying.” Until I made him margherita pizza. On the grill. (We’ll get to that.) Oh and these Caprese Lasagna Rolls.


I turned last night’s dinner over my knee and spanked it.

That’s inappropriate. I should have said, “I hit a culinary homerun.” 

I’m no longer white girl trying. I’m white girl winning.


If you’re Italian, let’s be friends. But don’t judge me if this isn’t a Giada DeLaurentiis authentic. I grew up in central Pennsylvania. I can rock a roast beef. Or anything with a potato. You choose.

These aren’t as intimidating as they look. You can add a protein or leave it out if you wish. I opted to add shredded chicken to the ricotta filling – and I was quite happy. And one thing I should definitely mention – please use fresh mozzarella and fresh basil on top. If you don’t it will alter the flavor and take away from that whole “caprese salad” idea.


Hope this one is as big of a hit as it was at our house!

Happy Hump Day!


Caprese Lasagna Rolls
*Makes 9-10 rolls

9 or 10 lasagna noodles; cooked
1 and 1/2 cups ricotta cheese
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 tablespoon basil; fresh or dried
1 teaspoon oregano; dried
1 teaspoon garlic; minced
salt & pepper to taste
1 and 1/2 cups chicken; shredded (optional)
1 jar marinara sauce (I used a spicy marinara and it was amazing!)
9 or 10 slices of fresh mozzarella

Caprese Salad Topping:

1 cup cherry tomatoes; sliced in half
2 cloves garlic; minced
4-5 medium or large basil leaves; chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
salt & pepper to taste

1) Mix ricotta, spices, chicken (if using), shredded mozzarella, and egg until combined thoroughly.
2) Spread a layer of ricotta mixture on lasagna noodle and roll up. Repeat with all noodles and place seam side down in baking dish  (sprayed with cooking spray or rubbed with olive oil) with 1/2 jar of marinara sauce in bottom.
3) Pour desired amount of remaining marinara over the top of rolls. Place a slice of fresh mozzarella on top of each roll. Bake in 375 degree oven for 20-22 minutes.
4) Combine all ingredients in caprese salad topping. Upon removing from oven spoon caprese salad over the rolls and serve.

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