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Grace for Self

We are four days into the New Year. I’m not sure how 2015 arrived so quickly – but it did. And for that – I am extremely grateful. If you’re like me you have spent the past week or so standing around (or laying in […]

A Late T25 Update Plus My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

T25…how I love thee.  Let me count the ways….. In all seriousness, I do love this program.  When I gave my Alpha update, I explained that I was anxiously awaiting the start of the Beta round.  Boy was I not disappointed.  Everything that I had […]

Emergency Document List (And WHY You Need It!)

It’s the new year! 2014 will bring a lot to our little family, but one of my goals this year is to be even more organized than I already am. Middle children have this stigma about them that we are super disorganized and crazy. I […]

T25 Alpha Down (almost) Beta to Go

Hello our faithful readers.  I hope that each of you have had a wonderful Christmas season with friends and family and are gearing up to ring in the New Year.  It’s hard to believe that we are headed into 2014 in just a few, short […]