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Recruiting Duty: The End
Immense Generosity in the Face of an Immense Trial

Immense Generosity in the Face of an Immense Trial

Heavy title, I know.  But the story is so very much worthy of sharing. Before the story, I would like to introduce each of you to the newest member of The Domestic Four.  We, the Krafts, welcomed our newest addition just two weeks ago.  Charlotte came […]

Life Cleansing

Life Cleansing

First let me say that I am going to be rather straightforward this post. More straightforward than I normally am. I know, I know – seems impossible. Previously I have mentioned that I have a sign hanging above my sink that reads, “Live Simply ~ […]

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, Tonight I held you on my lap and chuckled at your bruised knees. I think today you fell a total of five times. Each time you stood again and went about your business as if nothing ever happened. Your clumsiness you get from […]

Grace for Self

We are four days into the New Year. I’m not sure how 2015 arrived so quickly – but it did. And for that – I am extremely grateful. If you’re like me you have spent the past week or so standing around (or laying in […]

The Five Moms in the Grocery Store

Disclaimer: This is not to offend anyone. You do things how you do things. But one important thing we all must do as parents is laugh at ourselves. Otherwise the little people win. The little people can’t win. THEY CAN’T WIN! So don’t take offense. […]

Why I’m Choosing to be Selfish

Why I’m Choosing to be Selfish

For the first time since having my oldest child (8 1/2 years ago), I’m putting myself first… sometimes. Since that little girl was born, I have been mommy first and foremost.  Everything from the purchasing of clothing to when I take a shower has been dictated […]

Christmas as an Adult

I was hoping, as were my sisters, that Christmastime in Blogville would be a lot more magical than it ended up being. I speak in the past tense because there are only 12 days until Christmas. But you understand, don’t you? You get what it’s […]

Recruiting Duty: The Wife’s Perspective

Another untraditional post about Marine Corps life. But I know many are struggling with recruiting duty or are unsure what it holds for them. Hopefully this helps! My husband has been in the Marine Corps since 2006. Back then he was just my friend I […]