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Seasonal Cake: Autumn

Seasonal Cake: Autumn

  Alright. Let me get this spiel over with so that I don’t catch MAJOR flack for what’s about to happen … This recipe uses a cake mix. I know. Shun me all of you scratch bakers. Shun me! This recipe contains pumpkin. Please don’t […]

Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial

Reversible Letter Blocks Tutorial

Letter blocks, they’re kind of everywhere and for the first time I have kitchen cabinets that don’t go the whole way to the ceiling.  This lovely space happens to be the perfect home for such an adorable decoration.  During my chill out time (aka scrolling […]

Chocolate Pretzel Pecan Pie

Husband, my father, and my brothers very much enjoy themselves a Pecan Pie.  You know, the million cups of corn syrup with a bit of butter, brown sugar, and pecans all mixed in and baked?  Yes…what may be a toothache to someone is a delicious […]

Caramel Chocolate Cracker Bars

This is a very simple recipe, but I do need to be honest – it is not healthy.  At all.  I am one that believes we try our best to eat in moderation during the holidays, but we do eat soul food…and soul food is […]

Pizza Cups

Today, these are being dubbed an appetizer… a few weeks ago they were dinner (along with some green beans and pineapple) and they’re an absolute favorite with my school age daycare kidos as a summertime lunch.  They’re really quite versatile, super fast and easy to […]

November Plans & Crockpot Stuffing

  The holiday season is upon us. Have you walked into Target or Walmart lately? Santa explosion. No complaints here, however, as I simply LOVE the Christmas season. Here at The Domestic Four we wanted to take our lovely little blog and transform it in […]