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Chalkboard Art


Let me start out by saying – I’m sorry for the iPhone photos. I, yet again, did not purchase my picture transferer thingamajig. But I do want to get this post up – since Sami is super anxious to see it. 😉

I’m going to teach you a quick and simple way to do inexpensive decorative chalkboards and cute chalkboard art to decorate them with!

Who doesn’t love a good chalkboard? I have three in my house. One I write our weekly menu on, the other two are simply decorative. Often these chalkboards (cute framed ones) are ridonculously expensive! Well, a trip to Hobby Lobby fixed all that. Frames are usually on sale there, so definitely check them out first.

Let’s get down to business …


I’m making 2 chalkboards 2 different ways. First is with a classic glass frame. You can remove the glass (if it will) and spray paint or if it won’t remove you tape off the frame and then spray the glass. My glass didn’t remove therefore I had to tape. The second option is using an open frame. These are sometimes cheaper and they have much cuter options. All you need is simple foam board cut down to size and spray painted.





These next steps are pretty important. A lot of people don’t realize that when you use chalkboard paint you need to “prime” the chalkboard before using it. This simply means once the paint is dry you just go over it with chalk – all over – and then wipe clean with a dry, clean cloth. Doing this even after you clean it with water will help provide longevity for the chalkboard itself as well. Don’t skip this step!




Wala! Chalkboard done! (Mine cost $13 total!)

Now onto how to write fancy. I have long been obsessed with coffee house writing. Even before Pinterest became an explosion of chalkboard. 😉 Well I found a quick and simple way to achieve this.

All you need is a paper towel, regular white chalk, chalkboard markers, your laptop, and a pen. We are doing some light box tracing again. Grade school was awesome.





1) Adjust your word document to fit your frame size. Mine was 5×7, so I did a custom setting.

2) Type and arrange your desired wording in your desired font.

3) Place a paper towel overtop and trace your wording.





4) Flip your tracing over and color it with chalk. Go a little heavy with this.

5) Once completed simply trace over your outline with your chalk marker.

I definitely dropped water all over my creation and so I just free handed the end result! (Thanks again to Sami for teaching me good penmanship!)




Super fun, right??

It’s officially September! And this was the first of our September DIY Crafts!

But wait … Ready for a giveaway?!

I’m giving away a set of chalkboard markers!

To enter –

1) “Like” our Facebook Page “4 Sisters Boutique”
2) Come back here and comment!

Winner will be selected randomly on Friday!

Have a great week friends, and happy September full of pumpkin spice lattes!


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