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Cheese Bread Appetizer

My husband loves a good appetizer. Whether it’s a dip or a cheesy bread – he’s all over it. Quite often I have to make him a little something to carry him over inbetween lunch and dinner. Enter my cousin’s awesome Cheese Bread. She made this a couple of times for us as we were growing up, and of course we were huge fans. My husband ADORES this stuff, and will eat a whole loaf by himself if I’m not careful.

To make this even better … it’s super easy to make.

But I should warn you – it’s mayo, bread, and cheese. Eat sparingly.


Assemble your ingredients – a loaf of French or Italian bread (day old is fine – and I used “Everything French” – it was delish!), mayonnaise, a dry ranch dressing packet, and cheese. I used two types of cheese this time, but that’s because I’ve been dying to try the shredded pepperjack. Usually I just use the cheddar, but the addition of the pepperjack was amazing!



In a bowl mix 3/4-1 cup mayonnaise and the packet of the ranch dressing. Smear it all over your bread. Trust me on this. Smear it.


Top with your desired amount of cheese and pop it in a 400 degree oven until the cheese is bubbly and slightly browned.





Yum! You’ll enjoy this for sure.

Happy Monday!


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