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How to Create a Road Trip Activity Box

If you’ve been following The Domestic Four awhile, you know my family and I are no strangers to travel, and always do so via the car to save money.  We’ve made trips to Disney World (17+ hours away), Myrtle Beach (9+ hours away), to visit family in Ohio (5 hours) and countless 3+ hour trips to visit my in-laws outside Philadelphia.  My kids spend A LOT of time in the car and are true road warriors because of it.

While we have been blessed with great travelers, I have done my part to aid in our success in this area.  I’ve shared our tips and tricks for successful road trips with kids in the past, and today I’m going to go into detail with what is probably our kids’ favorite road trip idea… our Road Trip Activity Box.

A great list of ideas to add to your road trip activity box to help keep the kids busy on long car rides.

When the kids were smaller, I kept this in the front with me and gave the items to the kids one at a time, limiting how many they could use at any given time.  This did effectively control their desire to see, and become bored of, all the new things included and helped me stretch all the new items throughout the trip.  Now that the kids are a little older I simply get our bag of fun ready before each trip, add a handful of new items before really big ones, and sit it on the car seat next to my son and let them grab things as they wish.

In addition to our Road Trip Activity Box, we usually purchase 2-3 new movies (we’re slowly building our movie collection) before really long trips like traveling to the beach and Disney World.  This, combined with the fun new activities and some limited access to their Kindle Fires, keeps them busy for the entire trip!

What’s in the magical box of fun?

TONS of stuff! Many of these items I have picked up at the dollar store and, because they only see them on long car rides, they’ve not yet been completed and are like new on each trip!  A few other things we’ve been given as gifts and, rather than keeping them with all their other toys, I sneak them into the road trip bag to save for our next adventure!

A great list of screen free activities to keep kids busy on long car rides.

I have several different word search books I picked up at the dollar store. The girls have completed some of these but we leave them in the road trip box and they spend time during each trip working on them.A great list of screen free activities to add to your Road Trip Activity Box to keep kids busy on long car rides.Other activity and sticker books. The sticker books are mainly for the little guy who isn’t yet able to read. He loves working on sticker books and I was able to find several options at Walmart and on Amazon and, again, he does a few pages during each trip so they’ve lasted quite a while.


The kids LOVE these sticker face books.  I’m not really sure why but they do and are usually one of the first things pulled out of the bag each trip.


These I made for our Disney trip last year.  I found several printable Road Trip books on Pinterest and I was able to pick and choose which activities I thought my crew would enjoy.  I was then able to print them and my sister surprised the kids by binding them.




The older girls have books loaded to their Kindles but I also have these books that I picked up at the dollar store.  They really seem to enjoy revisiting these during each trip so I leave them in there.  Before our big trips planned to the beach and Disney World later this fall I’ll more than likely hit up the dollar store again to get a few new options.


This is a family favorite.  The kids love filling these in and the whole family laughs as the stories are read. Definitely breaks up the monotony of the ride!


These Play Packs are $1 just about anywhere and, while I find them rather silly, my kids love seeing a new one for each trip so I spend the dollar.  😉


These are a few random dry erase games and activities that were given to the kids at random times, birthdays etc, that I chose to sneak into the Road Trip Box.  They’re nothing special but provide more options for them and seem to keep them busy at various points during the trips.

A great list of screen free ideas to add to your Road Trip Activity Box to keep kids busy on long car rides.

These I found on Pinterest, printed them, then covered them in contact paper (if you have access to a laminator that would also work).  The girls almost always complete these during each trip and we’re able to wipe them off and use them again on the next one!

A great list of screen free activities to add to your Road Trip Activity Box to keep kids busy on long car rides.

Well, that’s our Road Trip Activity Box! As I mentioned before, I almost always hit up our dollar store and add a few new things before each long trip.  It only costs me a few dollars and even a handful of new things, added to those that live in our box, keep them interested and engaged for the trip.

Are you a family of road warriors? I’m always looking for new activities to break up the ride, share your ideas with us!!

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