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Deluxe Tuna Melt

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  Let me preface by saying that at the close of last school year Husband and I thought it best that with Baby B on the way, I needed to make the jump back to teaching a primary grade.  NOT that it is easier, because it is not.  However, in the grand scheme of things, the length of work is a bit different when comparing to the 5th grade curriculum.  (Reading and planning lessons for 5 Horrible Harry books is quiet a bit less time consuming than reading and planning lessons for the like of 5 Hatchet novels.)  Plus factor in the overnight camping trip that is taken to Outdoor School with the 5th grade, and I was sold to make the leap back to the younger kiddos.  Husband is a football coach and our life is school, football, eat, sleep, repeat until November.  Me away for 4 days at the tail end of his football season was not in the playing cards.

So, I made the jump and find myself in 2nd grade.  All was going well, we were developing a wonderful routine, and getting things really going in our room when…enter the bomb shell news.  “Mrs. Kraft – we’re going to move your classroom.”  Mind you…we are in the 5th week of school.  Being one that is just thankful for a job in this economy and will not “buck the system,” I agreed and set out to move my classroom.  I typed a nice little letter that went home with my students and we were set to move Friday afternoon, the 27th.  The students would come to school on Monday morning and come to our new room. Tuesday morning I was told that they needed to move me that day.  Yes, THAT very day.  The custodial staff was going to be short handed for the rest of the week, so it needed to be done.  With that news, I made arrangements with the principal that my students and I relocate to the stage for our afternoon lessons and the custodians were going to move all of our furniture.  About an hour and a half later we were informed that we could move head back to our new room.  My bulletin boards are still not up, my students were thrown for a HUGE loop, I feel as though I am starting at square one, my best friend had her son and I’m stuck 300 miles away, and I am exhausted.  But, our parents raised us to buck up and deal with it…so here I am.

With that said, elaborate cooking was not in the cards this week.  So…I went simple and got creative.  When Hilary and I lived together she would sometimes whip up these delicious chicken salad goodness sandwiches.  They. Were. So. Good.  This is a spin off that with a twist of an oldie, but goodie, tuna melt.  What person does not love a nice slice of bread, lathered in tuna salad, topped with cheese and baked/broiled until perfect brownness.  This is that, but adult-like.

Very simple:

1. Make your standard tuna salad mixture.  I typically use mayo or miracle whip (I love the zip, husband does not.  We rotate between the two and are currently using mayo), mustard, garlic, and pepper.

2. Mix in a good bit of shredded cheese.

3. Spread tuna salad onto kaiser roll.

4. Top with garnishes of your choosing.  Husband’s had pickles and bacon.  Mine had extra cheese.

5. Wrap in individual foil wrap

6. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.

7. Remove from oven, allow to cool 5-7 minutes.  Plate with your favorite side.

8. Enjoy.

9. If you are my Husband – repeat steps 7 & 8.  🙂


This meal was a great, quick blessing, that turned out to be wonderfully delicious.  Husband took the leftover sandwich, and after a quick warm up in the microwave (after removing the aluminum foil of course), he said it was great.   I hope you and yours enjoy.  Great as creative or as simple in the garnishing department as you wish.

Let us know what you added.

Happy Thursday!


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