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Diaper Cake Tutorial (Plus a “Dr Seuss” Baby Shower Update)


Ok, first I have to give a shout out to Donya from Cherry Bon Bons!!  She has tons of party invitations and other items to help you create an adorable event!  We went with this fun Dr. Seuss invite as it matched our theme perfectly!

Dr Seuss Invitation

She has many ready-to-customize items ready to go and had our invite to me via email (we opted to print them ourselves) in a little under two hours!  She’s wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future!

Now, that diaper cake!  These things (or some variation there of) have become a staple at baby showers.  They’re cute, can be customized, and give the momma-to-be somewhere around 60+ diapers which is NEVER a bad thing.  The problem is, unless you make them yourself, they’re pretty pricey to purchase as they have an entire pack (or more) of diapers, plus decorative pieces, and they take a bit of time to put together.  Lucky for my sisters 😉 I figured out a VERY easy way to put them together so they always get one for their showers.

First things first, the materials.  You’ll need about 60 diapers, some form of base (I purchased a pack of disposable cake platters from Walmart), string to tie the diapers, a dowel rod for the center (I opt for this over using bottles, etc. because it feels more sturdy to me), glue gun, glue, and decorations of your choosing.

You’re going to divide the diapers so you have almost half in one pile and then divide the rest into piles of 2/3 and 1/3.  You can play with it once you start creating the tiers but that’s a good place to start.  The first diaper cake I made, I taped each diaper into a roll.  This was terribly time-consuming for both me and my sister, when she attempted to actually use the diapers.  So when I set out to make my second one, I decided to find another way.  After many attempts, and failures, I realized my pots and pans were sized perfectly to create my three tiers.  So…


I just put them in the pot and start curving them when it begins to get full.  Once you have the desired amount you can turn it upside down and let them fall about halfway out.  Then you can tie a string around the center.  I tie mine VERY tightly so they don’t work loose.


Once you’ve created all three tiers you’re ready to start assembling!


I usually take my dowel rod and, using a little bit of glue, attach it to the cake base.  It is not the strongest thing but you can move it around a good bit and it will hold everything together.  Then I grab my largest ‘tier’ and start building!


Then you move on to the middle and top!


Now is the fun part!  Decorating!!!  I usually keep it simple.  I use ribbons that match the theme and maybe a few simple little decorations.


I’m pretty excited about this one.  I still have a few finishing touches but that will just have to wait for the shower!  Happy party planning!


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