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Dining Room Reno is Complete & A Summer Recipe Worth Melting Over

Well, the Dining Room reno is complete!

….For the most part….

I still would love to change out our chairs and my corner hutch could still use a few more pieces, but those will have to wait.  For now, I am going to call it done.

If you are just now joining us, our household has set out on a summer adventure we’ve dubbed #krafthousesummerreno.  You can see our full “bucket list” here.  One of the larger projects within the dining room was to redo our table.  It was so fun and I am thrilled with the outcome.  Here is the link to that update; be sure to check it out if you need some vision.  It fits the space so well.

The step that required most thought and patience during this project was when selecting decor.  Man – that was tough.  Especially when factoring in that thing called a shoe string budget.

But, after a visit to a local consignment shop, antique store, and a major score on a Facebook yard sale page – decor has been found and hung. #winning

Here is the cliff note version of everything that we have done.

  • painted the oak trim white
  • painted the walls a grey color
  • painted the corner hutch in white chalk paint that I made
  • stripped, stained and painted the table
  • replaced the outlets and light switches
  • replaced the trim around the sliding glass door
  • replaced the decor

If you have any questions on the specifics of one of the projects, comment below. I would be happy to share.

Without further ado: pictures…

View from the kitchen
View from the kitchen.  I could stare at that wall all day.


View of entrance to kitchen (that got painted too) and up to master bedroom
View of entrance to kitchen (that got painted too) and up to master bedroom


Corner hutch; built by the baby of the Eastman family
Corner hutch; built by the baby of the Eastman family



View from the living room (which was painted yesterday...just wait for decor).
View from the living room (which was painted yesterday…just waiting for decor to be considered complete).


Decor pieces 1
Decor pieces view 1


Decor Pieces 2
Decor pieces view 2


That washboard... *swoon*
That washboard… *swoon*


Corner hutch pieces. The green handles and rusty-ness sold me.
Corner hutch pieces. The green handles and rusty-ness sold me.


I love how this room turned out.  We spend a ton of time in our kitchen/dining area, so I wanted it to be a place that was worthy of being.  I think I hit the mark.

Now…if I could just find some chairs.  Ha!


For those of you visiting for the delicious recipe – here you are.  🙂

The babies of the family turned 22 on Monday.  Yes, 22.  Oy, I feel so old.  Well, we celebrated on Sunday and mother made an amazing ice cream cake to celebrate.

Seriously – I might have eaten my piece, and finished B-man’s, and cut off a bite sized piece before I removed the temptation from my presence.

We were born with ice cream in our blood. It’s part of me.

I asked Tamster for the recipe.  She did her best to give me exact amounts. The greatest thing is that it is a jar of this, half gallon of that, etc.

Oh – and even better – you can add and tweak as much as you choose.  Let us know if you give it a whirl and any additions or substitutions.  I promise – the calories are worth it.   They. Are.


Ice Cream Cake


2 boxes of Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches (1 choc and 1 vanilla is what she used)
Jar of hot fudge
1/2 gallon of French Vanilla Ice Cream (or another flavor of your choosing)
15 nutter butter cookies (smashed in a ziplock bag)
Cake pan lined with parchment paper (great tip Danielle!)



Layer bottom with ice cream sandwiches (mom did chocolate first)
Cut ice cream into thin slices and lay those on top of ice cream sandwiches
drizzle 1/2 of the jar of fudge on top and sprinkle 1/2 of the crumbled cookies on top
Then repeat layers with vanilla ice cream sandwiches as the base

Place in the freezer until ready to serve.  If made ahead of time, allow 15 minutes for it to soften before cutting.

Some of the additions we thought of

– peanut butter
– caramel
– nuts
– sprinkles

I wish everyone a great end to their Wednesday.  I’m off to sit in on interviews for our future assistant principal.  No pressure.




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