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Disney On Ice Presents Passport to Adventure Recap

Well, we went, we saw and were amazed! I’ve never been disappointed with anything Disney has put it’s name on and Disney On Ice Presents Passport to Adventure was no exception.  When I was thinking about doing this recap, I had a very hard time picking just a few things to talk about! But, I somehow managed success, so here you go!

If you’ve not been to a Disney on Ice production (It was our first time as a family!) they seem to almost always highlight a handful of movies, in this case there were four.  The premise for the show was Mikey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy are world travelers visiting the places of origin for each of the movies, hence Passport to Adventure!  For this show we went to Africa to hear about The Lion King (told by Rafiki), Under the Sea to Atlantica to hear the story of The Little Mermaid (told by Sebastian), to Hawaii to visit Lilo and Stitch, and finally to London to hear the Story of Peter Pan!

In each destination, a shortened version of the story is told hitting most of the songs from the movie.  It is definitely non-stop action!  In this show, I’d say 1/3 of the show was the story of Peter Pan.  I’m not sure if that’s normal, as it was our first Disney on Ice show, but that was the case with Passport to Adventure.  The first three ‘stops’ were all before the intermission and the story of Peter Pan and the finale were after intermission.  This worked out great for our crew because, well, the little man LOVES Peter Pan!

As you would expect, the ice skating was amazing! My girls kept looking at me, mouth hanging open in shock.  I definitely caught myself smiling several times and, as I expected, got chocked up at the end.  Disney finales always get me, don’t even get me started on Wishes (Yes, I cry every time and tear up watching videos on the computer, no shame here.)

Over all, it was a fantastic time.  My family thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I can definitely say we will be back! If you haven’t been to a Disney on Ice show, I highly encourage you to go.  Money saving quick tip: Feed them before you go and bring a little something you picked up at Walmart to present as souvenir because, well, those prices aren’t exactly budget friendly!  The show itself, however, is well worth the cost!

Wishing you Disney Magic all year long!




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