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DIY Canvas Monogram Tutorial

As I’ve shared before, I am very much in love with monograms.  I was incredibly blessed at my baby shower when I received a number of items with Baby K’s monogram on them.  I cannot wait to use these pieces.  The nursery, that is currently under construction, has a very LARGE wall with nothing on it but the crib.  After racking my brain, and searching Pinterest of course, I decided upon a custom monogram.

Today, Danielle and I ventured to State College with gift cards and coupons in hand.  It always seems that when we are at Michael’s the items we need are on sale and we have coupons to boot.  Today’s purchase included a 2-pack of art canvas and acrylic paint.  Total cost of this project… $4.75 and I could not be happier.

This tutorial is loaded with pictures, so I’ll get started.

First, collect your supplies. You will notice I have a lamp in my photo.  I was going to use it for a light box…let’s just say it did not work out.  So, when I got to the step I needed it for, I improvised.  More on the improvising to come later. 🙂  Image

(Supplies: canvas, pencil, scissors, paint brushes, letters, outline of shape of your choice, lamp & box for a light box…if you are luckier than I…)

Because my canvas is a rectangle, rather than a square, I opted to create the monogram inside an oval rather than a circle.  Since I did not have an oval platter to trace, or anything oval shaped for that matter, I decided to print an oval from Word and then measure out the same distance from various points of the shape’s outline.


I found the center point of my canvas and the center point of the oval cut out and lined them up.  I then decided to measure out 5 and 1/2 inches from the outside perimeter of the printed oval.  I made random markings about 2-3 inches apart.


I am sorry that this picture is not very clear.  BUT, if you click on it and zoom a bit – you will see the pencil markings.  Once the pencil marks are complete, take the paint color of your choice and the end of a brush that matches the size of dots you want, and go to town.  I opted to use the handle of a foam brush, it worked perfectly.


I tested on the paper plate, first.  I wanted to be sure the outcome was what I was picturing.  From here, I began dotting the canvas.


After you have completed the outline, you should end up with something like this.  Excuse the imperfect spacing.  I was not so focused on perfection…it gives it a more customary look this way, I think.


I then took my letters and cut them out.  To get the size I needed, I created a word document, selected Times New Roman text and set it to a font size of 700.  After they were printed, I cut them out and laid them on the canvas to be traced.

Image    Image

Now, I wanted to have the last initial the largest.  It is customary in monograms when the last name is in the middle, it is the largest.  Enter failed attempt at a light box.  I also tried to increase the size and reprint the “K” letter – no go there as well.  Had it not been 9:00 at night, I might have ventured to a copy machine and enlarged the image…but it was in fact 9 pm.  So, what did you do? you ask…I free handed the “K”. Here is a pic of my traced letters…


After each letter has been traced, you may begin painting/filling in the letter outlines.  Again, grab your choice of paint, a proper sized paint brush, and begin painting in each letter. When you have finished each letter, it should look something like this.


For having to improvise a few times, I am rather pleased with this piece.  It is currently drying and will be hung on the nursery wall tomorrow ASAP.  I also can’t complain when factoring in the price.  A lovely, custom piece of art for $4.75…YES PLEASE!!  Let’s just hope the Hubby likes it as much as I do.  He is assisting his parents with various tasks this weekend…so I am keeping myself busy by setting up the nursery and creating things.  On that note…off to catch some zzzz’s, loads to complete in Baby K’s nursery tomorrow to share with you later this week.  I. am. so. excited!

Get crafty and original!

~ Sami

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