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DIY: Chalk Paint Dresser/Changing Table

Chalk Paint Dresser

It has been forever since I have posted.  Well, it feels like forever.  Life has taken a wild ride, and after the craziness of the holidays, I was just trying to go from zombie to human again.  I believe I am almost there.

Many of you who follow us on Facebook are aware of this news, all thanks to picture happy Danielle, but to those of you who do not have a Facebook (cough, Hilary, cough)… things are rapidly changing in the Kraft household.  We are thrilled to share with our readers that Kraft baby #2 is on the way, to arrive in June.  The 25th, nonetheless.  The 25th is our wedding anniversary.  That. Would. Be. Crazy!  As teachers, we are finding our Junes packed.  Allow me to paint a picture…

June 3 or 4 – last day of school for teachers at this point. (Have I mentioned that I have to have my entire classroom packed up…again!!!  I have to move rooms.  But that is ok, always great to purge any extra/unnecessary things.)

June 16 – Husband’s birthday

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – B-man’s birthday

June 25 – wedding anniversary and current due date

See what I mean – crazy. busy.

But we are excited regardless.

Unlike with B-man, we decided to find out what baby #2 is going to be.  Partly because I like to do things differently from time to time, and partly because a certain brother-in-law was threatening to get rid of all the girl clothes that are at his house and that just can’t happen…especially if we end up having a girl.

Mother’s intuition I tell ya…because I was correct.  We are having a girl.  The Kraft side of the family will be getting a girl.  It has been a long time coming.  Husband has 2 aunts, and 1 girl cousin.  Excluding the married-ins…that is it.  The rest are boys.  So, needless to say that at the reveal party on Saturday, everyone was completely shocked.  Tears, fear, panic, joy all shared within a split second.  It’s going to be a wild ride for all of them.

For the Eastman side of life – it is just another day. 🙂

But this post is not about the reveal, that will be coming.

This post is how we found a wonderful piece of furniture at a local shop and transformed it to be a shared dresser/changing table for our two kiddos.  For the first year, or two, or three…they’re going to be sharing a bedroom.  It is just how it is going to have to be.  After that, we’ll see about who gets the upstairs and all that jazz.  That entails renovations and what not – so it is going to have to be a planned thing.

With two kids – you need storage and you need a place to dress them/change diapers.  While B-man is on the lighter side of sizing, he was still too long and heavy (for my liking) for his changing table.  So, that was moved to the basement for storage and we decided to use the end of his bed.  That was going ok, except for my growing belly.

With that, I set out on a mission to purchase the perfect height dresser to be a combo changing table/dresser.  And blast Pinterest (though I still love you)…the perfect one was never found – and when it was spotted it was a fortune!  I was at a loss.

Enter the cutest store in our hometown.  The one that I have been eyeing every time we drive by.  My obsession with Fixer Upper (read Chip and Joanna Gaines) on HGTV and the bargains they find in shops like this one did not help.  So, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon following church, the family decided to pop in.  And we were in awe.  Such a wonderful place, filled with treasures that I would love to have sprinkled throughout my house.

But, my bank account wouldn’t allow that.  So…onto the search for the dresser.

About half way through the store…the dresser was spotted.  Crystal (glass) knobs and all.  I. loved. it!





Told Husband we were getting it, he found a chest for the end of our bed that we got as well (and I will be refinishing for all of you), and the rest is history.

A few months back, Kelsea completed a Chalk Paint tutorial here.  She refinished her bedside tables, dining room table, and dining chairs using the paint.  I knew it was going to be an easy, durable option…so chalk paint was the decision for refinishing.

There are just a few tweaks to mention.

1 – I am too impatient to have waited for the calcium carbonate to arrive in the mail.  Yes, even using mother’s Amazon Prime wouldn’t be fast enough.

2 – I opted to use Plaster of Paris and a bit of a different recipe.

3 – unlike Kelsea, I did not tint my wax.  Just used what was in the can.  Also did an extra few layers on the top, since it will see the most use.

And I could’t be more thrilled with the outcome.

My child’s clothes are in drawers not baskets, sitting in a cubby.  And I no longer have to hunch over his bed while changing his diaper.  He is at the perfect height.



Here is a quick run-down of the method/process.

* sand/scuff the surface of the furniture you’re refinishing.

* mix chalk paint
1/2 cup Plaster of Paris,
1/2 cup of water
1 1/2 cups of paint

–  Mix the PoP and water together. Then mix it into the paint.

–  Stir well and adjust accordingly.  Thicker and dries more quickly, add some PoP

* Apply paint.  I put on 2 coats.  That will be up to your liking.

* Allow to cure.  Antique the furniture.  (I just did the corners/edges as I like the look, but didn’t want it to feel out of place in the nursery.)

* Apply 1 coat of Minwax Finishing Paste.  Buff after 20 minute or so.  Repeat this step as often as you wish.  I allowed the piece to cure for 18-24 hours between coats.  It is going to have more wear and tear than perhaps a beside table.

* Reassemble the furniture (drawers and doors placed back on the item)

* Place in your home to become the next conversation piece.

Simple, right?  I loved the process, and though it was spanned over 3-4 days – it could have been done a lot sooner, but I was only working with bedtime in the evening. Had I had some time throughout the day, it would have been ready much sooner.

I am delighted and happy to report that the top works like a charm for changing/dressing, and I love the fact the B-man’s clothes (with the exception of his “nicer” clothes) all fit in 2 drawers.  1 top one for socks, 1 main one for all of his clothes.  The kid doesn’t have a lot.

If you have not tried your own Chalk Paint – do so!!  I have not finished a piece of furniture so quickly and had such wonderful results.  It is a piece that will be in our house for years to come.

Any questions…ask, as always.

Enjoy Hump Daaaaaayyyy!


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3 thoughts on “DIY: Chalk Paint Dresser/Changing Table”

  • Going to try DIY chalk paint for changing table. What type of paint should I get that would be safe for babies? Table is wood and was my daughter’s and now will be used for her twins due in April.

    Worried if paint will be safe.

    • Sally,
      Apologies as we totally missed this comment. I have used Valspar with all of my kiddos furniture. They never “chewed” on their furniture so I never felt uncomfortable using anything. However, today paint has to pass certain safety standards to even be sold. I’m sure you found something suitable. But for any others wondering – a quick google search will send you in the right path for choosing your paint! I’ve seen many paint even their cribs! Thanks for stopping by!

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