DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial


Super simple, crazy easy, inexpensive! DIY doesn’t get any better.

I’ve long been in love with the wreath on the left. I pinned it about 2 years ago. Well, I finally got around to doing my own version. Instead of making the wreath from the very start I used a wreath I’ve had in my arsenal for a while. What does that mean? It cuts the cost way down.

In fact … I had the ribbon and wreath on hand. I only spent $1.00 on the orange berry accents. I lied before … It DOES get better.

Ok, on to the tutorial! You’ll need:

-Any grapevine wreath of your choosing. I purchased mine at Michael’s a few years ago.

-Wide, wireless ribbon (I used two spools)

-Gluegun and glue sticks

-Berry garland (I found mine at Joann Fabric but you can find them at almost any craft store this time of year.)


Start by making your ribbon rosettes. Here’s a great tutorial.

After that it is as simple as gluing them on! I didn’t have enough ribbon to go the whole way around my wreath so I stuck them on one side.

After attaching your rosettes you can start sticking small sections of the berry vine (that you’ve cut) behind the rosettes. I did NOT use glue to attach them. This wreath is like bed head. It holds everything. And I live in Wyoming where the wind blows constantly and they haven’t budged yet.

And there you have it!! A cute fall wreath that adds welcoming character to your front door this season!



Happy Crafting!


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