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DIY No-Slip Headband

The last time my sister in law was in town visiting she and I were sitting on the floor playing with our kids and she had asked me if I had ever seen a headband like this, she got it as a gift and swore by it, told me that because of the velvet backing it made the headband stay in place. Skeptically, with my large/strange-shaped head, I took a look at it and realized it was about the same width as a piece of 7/8in ribbon with the same sized velvet backing, and a small piece of elastic to make it fit snugly around your head, simple enough, so I took a crack at it. The outcome was a success!!! This is such an easy project, takes literally 5 min to sew together, and they truly are wonderful!!! I can wear them through and entire workout without adjusting it, and Danielle wore one yesterday and the only time she had to re-adjust it was when she took it out to take a picture of it! They are great! Thanks Erin for introducing me to these awesome headbands!

Follow these steps and you too can have a no-slip runners style headband at a fraction of the price!!!

I first got 1 piece of “pretty ribbon” (I would stay away from satin ribbon, it snags, unless you know a way to sew satin ribbon without it doing that, and if so, let me know please!!!) and 1 piece of velvet ribbon (sorry its red, it all I had on hand) measuring about 16in, and a piece of elastic about 4in long. I heat sealed the ends of the ribbons and elastic with a lighter to ensure they will not fray, the nice thing with using the ribbon, there is no hemming, and there are so many choices!

Then, I fold both ends into each other to give it a clean look, sewed down one side attaching the ribbons together, then sewed up the other side making the two ribbons after sewn together; one solid piece.

Then I slipped the elastic about one inch into the pocket that was made when sewing the ribbons together, and sewed the end shut, securing the elastic.  Repeat on the opposite side, attaching the two ends.

And there you have it!!! An awesome headband that will stay in place all day long!!

The finished products on some BEAUTIFUL models!!!

If you have any questions about this project, just leave a comment!! Hope you all enjoy your no-slip headband!!

Happy Thursday!

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