the domestic tales of four sisters

the domestic tales of four sisters

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Wrap-up

Sunday was the day and a good time was had by all!

We enjoyed spending time visiting and helping Sami prepare for the arrival of Baby K!



Tons of yummy food including Hilary’s ‘make your own’ fruit pizza!

You can find the tutorial for the ribbon topiary here!



Gifts!  You can find the tutorial for the diaper cake here.


As always, we had the guests address their ‘thank you note’ to save the new mommy some trouble.

Sami’s bff (Hey Jo!) scored these adorable cards at TJ Maxx!!!


Yes, that would be the guest of honor working at her own shower.  What can I say, she has problems.


She did, however, rock these ADORABLE cupcakes.  Recipe here!



Mommy-to-be opening some gifts.

BGK will be the baby’s initials no matter the gender.  MUCH thought went into making that work but the monogram queen (who also likes to torture family who have far less self-control than she) wanted the gender to be a surprise but HAD to be able to get things monogrammed in advance.  She’s special.



Yay for babies!  Now, to wait the few weeks until he/she finally arrives!


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