Expecting Different Results

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who may not, I operate a small home daycare as my source of income.  It began as me watching a few kids for friends to make a little extra money and still stay home with my kids but blossomed into a full business when we moved into our new house over a year ago.  It has its positives and negatives for sure… I get to stay home with my kids until they start kindergarten- positive. I have other peoples children in my home all hours of the day (usually about 10 hours a day)- negative.  I am home and can usually accomplish little household tasks between circle time, food prep, and diaper changes- positive. I sometimes feel trapped in my own home- NEGATIVE. That said, when it all boils down and I put ALL those positives and negatives on a piece of paper the scale always tips to the positive and I am reminded what a blessing it truly is despite its few downfalls.

It is one of those few negatives that I’m going to share today and it actually has nothing to do with the act of childcare.  It’s actually something that I’m sure many of you have encountered at one time or another in your life because it spans all people from the stay-at-home mom to the most powerful CEO.  It’s BURNOUT! When you’ve operated at such a high level for so long that you feel you don’t have any more to give so you just stop, and coast.  You do the bare minimum and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more.  The worst part is breaking out of it which for some may be easy and for others seemingly impossible.

Mine set in at the beginning of November.  You know how the week before vacation you’re pretty much useless? Well for me, that was about three weeks.  I’m not sure if it was due to the magnitude of prep necessary for the trip or if I’m truly a Disney addict like my husband says but whatever the reason, I slipped into a fog and couldn’t shake it. Upon returning home I decided to subscribe to the “well I’m only working for two weeks and then I’m off again” excuse and did nothing, outside the necessary, for those weeks as well.  Before I knew it Christmas hit and I realized was smacked in the face with how lazy I had been! No excuses here, I CHOSE to be lazy and that’s just not ok! I mean seriously, spending a Saturday vegging and watching football from time to time is one thing.  Going weeks on end spending every moment between feeding children and cleaning up messes on the internet and/or watching TV is not acceptable, for me anyway.  So what did I do? I set a due date and told myself I had until then to get my rear in gear! I picked January 2nd because it was my first day back to work and January 1st is too cliché for me. 🙂

As luck would have it (or divine intervention as I like to believe), Amazon had the book Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days by Peter Winiarski listed as FREE for the Kindle edition.  On a whim I snagged it and quickly learned it is quite short and extremely informative.  I haven’t finished it yet but I’m very much enjoying it thus far.  Yeah, I’m a ‘goal setter’. Well, I’m trying.  Some of them are new good habits I’m trying to create and others are things I want to accomplish.  I’ve included habits like creating a livable daily schedule for myself that includes waking up each weekday at 5:15 and exercising for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of bible reading and prayer.  Not because I have Xlbs to lose, simply because I feel fitness is essential to physical and mental health and I enjoy having an hour to myself to begin my day. I also downloaded the Motivated Moms app to help me stay on top of my household tasks.  It is extremely thorough including both daily household tasks and those random ones, like changing the air filter in the furnace. In addition, my husband and I decided to use this year to pay off his school loans and save towards to purchase of a vehicle to replace his ’96 Buick Regal. I have a few others but I was careful not to overdo it.  I have my goals typed and hung on the wall in my kitchen as a reminder and my husband knows about them because he is a good encourager… even when I don’t want to see it that way.

Overall, I’m very excited about my goals for 2014 because they span various areas of my life and I’m looking forward to how each of them will help me change a little bit for the better! Like Einstein said, if you want different results you must change your course of action! Well, I’m changing mine and I want to encourage you to change yours! A little accountability is always helpful so feel free to share one, or all, of your goals and we can check back in a few weeks when I plan to share my progress and give a quick review of the book and apps I’ve chosen to help me on this little journey.  So what do you say, you in?


Book: Act Now! by Peter Winiarski

Apps: Motivated Moms (free two week trial, $5.99/yr)

My Fitness Pal (diet & exercise journal) (FREE)

Holy Bible (app)- The One Year Bible (plan within the app) (FREE)

*All available for both Apple and Android

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