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Family Fun: Hersheypark


Well, we finally did it. We took our kids to Hersheypark and we were #hersheyparkhappy all day!

We had been putting it off because we knew they needed to be a certain height to enjoy many of the rides there. We just couldn’t justify investing the money to go before we felt they were ‘ready’. Well, I was half right.

To my surprise there were only 4 rides my girls weren’t tall enough to ride. They both fall in the 48″-54″ range and you need to be at least 54″ to ride those. There are 12 more that you need to be at least 42″ to ride. All the others, about 45 total, anyone can ride with only a few exceptions.

As we made our way through the park, I was shocked by the number of rides suitable for littler kids. I’d only been there as a teenager and an adult so I just didn’t notice the many rides available for the little ones. Definitely more than enough to fill a day but more on that later. 😉

As we spent our day moving through the park, I noticed a few things that set Hersheypark above the rest for families. First was the ride placement.  While most amusement parks have a designated ‘kiddie ride’ area, Hersheypark has a mixture of rides, geared for many heights and ages, spread all over the park. This was perfect for us because we have two that aren’t quite ready for the ‘big’ rides but one who happens to be a thrill ride junkie. At most parks we would have spent the entire day apart. Not so at Hersheypark! We were able to work our way through the park TOGETHER only splitting up to actually ride the rides.
This ride is in the shadow of two giant roller coasters. While my husband was taking our brave one on those, I was letting the little man hit up the smaller rides in that area.

Another thing setting Hersheypark apart is it’s offering of live entertainment!  When you’re visiting an amusement park with little legs along, breaks are not an option.  While we did break for lunch and dinner, we also chose to enjoy two of the shows “Dance, Dance, Dance Encore” and “Our Friends from the Sea”.  These provided a much needed rest for the kids and everyone (even my husband) enjoyed themselves.

Finally, Hersheypark is a great value.  Your paid admission grants you access to Hersheypark, ZooAmerica, and The Boardwalk at Hersheypark which is a sizeable water park  right in the middle of the main park.  No, I’m not kidding.  You’re strolling along, taking in the sights of the park and BAM water park, right there!

It’s shocking but really fun and provides a fantastic value to families because you’re getting three great experiences for one admission. I HIGHLY recommend paying for the 2 day pass.  The difference in price is minimal, only about $20, and you will get a second day of access to all three areas.  Totally worth it and trust me, there is more than enough to do.  You can easily spend one whole day on the ‘dry’ rides, then go back and hit the Boardwalk, ZooAmerica and Chocolate World (always free) on day two!

Well, that’s my short list of why Hersheypark is perfect for families.  We had a wonderful day together as a family and the kids have already started asking when we can go back.  Before I close I’ll leave you with a few tips if you’re heading to Hersheypark soon.

1. After entering the park you will walk through some shops and restaurants and come to a fountain.  Directly behind that fountain is an official measurement station (beside the carousel in Founders Way).  If your child is on the low end of their height range go here and get an official measurement.  The helpful people there will then give them a wristband to wear for the day that will let all the ride attendants know they are tall enough to ride so they won’t need to be measured every time.

2. While we were pleasantly surprised with the prices of food inside the park, I try to be frugal as much as the next person so we opted to pack one meal (lunch) and we purchased dinner in the park.  While you’re not permitted to bring outside food into the park, there are several gazebos and benches throughout the parking lot.  When we were ready for lunch we hopped on one of the trams (they run on a continuous loop between the park and the parking lots all day long) and headed to the car to grab lunch.  After we finished, we hopped back on the tram and were riding rides again in no time.

3. When you first enter the park you will come to Founders Way. This area is mostly kid rides as well as classic rides like the carousel, the Scrambler, and the Tilt-a-whirl.  SKIP this area and go to another area of the park first.  When we first arrived this area was PACKED because everyone is entering about the same time and comes to those rides first.  We initially got in line but then decided to hop out and head elsewhere.  For the rest of the day we hardly waited in any lines.  Just before dinner we headed back to this area of the park and found this…

NO lines at all! The kids and I walked onto all those rides, one after the other, and didn’t wait in one line.  The rides are fun and are on our must-do list for sure, just wait til later in the day.

4. Phone charging stations! This one is pretty self explanatory but these little beauties are sprinkled throughout the park and for the mommy that becomes social media picture happy on such trips, they’re a lifesaver! 😉

Overall, we had fantastic visit to Hersheypark and can’t wait to visit again soon!  Have you visited Hersheypark with your family? Have any tips to share or questions? Leave me a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!


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*This post was sponsored by Hersheypark.  In return for my time in creating this post, I was given free admission to the park for myself and my family.  All opinions are my own.


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