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From Old to New: A Repurposed Antique Frame


Let me start with a little story about how I came to own this beautiful frame.  The art teacher at the school I teach in is eclectic to say the least.  As a “side job” he and his wife have taken on the role of landlords.  They buy properties, fix them up, and rent them out…totaling over 40 properties.  In his classroom he has a ledge that spans each wall of the room.  He has it decorated with some of the most interesting things and the students love it!!   One day I was dropping my students off to their Art class when I noticed a beautiful frame.  I had never noticed it before and Mr. Bailey noticed me staring at it.  I proceed to ask where it was from and that I thought it was beautiful!  He stated that he had pulled it out of an attic of a home he had just purchased and was fixing up to rent out.  He then asked if I wanted it.  I was shocked, happy, filled with joy…I knew exactly what I was going to use it for: our wedding.  My plan was to use this to create a display of pictures where our guests would offer their well wishes and blessings on the mattes surrounding the pictures.  We would then use this as a decorative piece in our home.  Long story short: I could not get it to work. Boo. So, to my attic it went.  Sad, I know.  Look how lovely it is!

Over the summer, Husband and I use our time to do projects to our house.  We create a running “to do” list throughout our school year and then we spend our summer tackling those projects.  Last Thursday I was told that we could go shopping for school supplies or rip up the carpet in the last bedroom (we discovered we have BEAUTIFUL hardwood throughout) AND rearrange our living room.  Not wanting to accept the reality that school begins next week for teachers, I opted for the carpet removal and new layout in the living room.  With that said, here is a small picture of part of our new layout.  We have removed the TV from the wall and this cute project will be placed there this weekend.  (I need to fill in some serious holes and touch-up the paint.)

You like those boxes, do ya? You can find the how-to, here!

To begin, I took the frame from the closet in the attic and dusted it off.  I then removed the metal death picks that were used to hold items in the frame in the past.  Think I am kidding about those death picks?…Take a look!!

Tetanus, anyone?

I then gathered my supplies.  I decided to use wire and mini toothpicks for this project.  I like that they can be switched out as the seasons change, the little one grows, or I get an itch to redecorate for some unknown reason.  A staple gun and staples will also be needed so you can attach the wire.

I opted for two rows of wire.  I made a loop and attached it using three staples.  I tied the wire in a “knot” and did so for the other side, and second row.  I also opted to have my wire have a little “give” in it; I think it looks more “homey”.  Once the wire was in place, I collected some pictures and began giving them a home in this frame.

It’s currently holding pictures of my siblings and I from when we were wee tots.  If you look closely, you will see all members of The Domestic Four here.  **Don’t kill me sisters.**

Here is a close up for you.  Sorry it is a bit blurry, I was trying to beat the sunset.

The wire I opted to use was jewelry wire.  I had it on hand from previous projects, so to go and spend money on something that would serve the same purpose…well, that would just be crazy.  The mini clothespins I also had on hand.  My father-in-law celebrates Ground Hogs Day like one celebrates Christmas.  There is a whole list of traditions, one of which includes all gifts be the color brown (or in the family).  These were one of my gifts this year.  The depth of his traditions for this holiday are worthy of a post of their own.

So…free frame + wire and clothespins on hand = free art piece for my open mantel!


I am so delighted and cannot wait to get this up over the weekend.  I will be sure to get a picture of it and update the post.  While I was hoping to be completing a post on my ever-so-lovey Erin Condren teacher planner…it is still in the mail.  They pretty much hand craft them, and boy is it worth the wait.  Be looking for a full review of this marvelous EC product next week.  You won’t want to miss it!

Are you ready for school?  I’m torn. Off to soak up the last few days of summer.


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