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Gender Reveal for Kraft Baby #2

Hello all!!

I’m so excited to share with each of our how our gender reveal celebration turned out.  As mentioned in my last post, the DIY chalkpaint dresser makeover, the change/update was needed because we’re getting ready to welcome Baby Kraft #2 in June.  If you have been with us for a while, you know that with B-man we decided to keep the ultimate surprise and wait to hear “it’s a …” in the delivery room.  It was actually easy and it was so fun to wait.

However, with a brother in law that would like to have his garage and basement back from baby clothes/storage central, we decided it best to find out Baby 2’s gender.  I can completely understand wanting to have every possible inch of the square footage in your home, so the decision was pretty simple.  We also just felt like going at this one differently.

So, I set out to plan a fun family/friends get together that we hosted to find out the grand news with those closest to us.  The date was set, I created a Facebook event (cliche, I know), and then began to pour over the fun gender reveal things to do to find out just what baby was going to be.

We knew, rather quickly, that we wanted something “different”.  Don’t get me wrong – the cupcakes, cake, gum, paint and balloons are all fun ideas.  But, they just weren’t sitting well with us me.  So, I set out to find that something different.  After combining a few ideas together, swearing Kelsea to secrecy (or I would maim her for life), and shipping the item to her…we had a plan in place.  Husband and I decided to go with something practical and cute.  A white newborn gown was purchased and sent Kelsea’s way, where she used her amazingly awesome embroidery machine, and created a masterpiece.  She appliquéd an elephant on the front, with the name we selected for either the boy or girl.  In this case, a girl.

She made it look so cute.
She made it look so cute.


During the reveal we unrolled the beautiful gift and the picture was priceless.  Shock, fear, awww, excitement – all rolled into one.


I'm completely shocked and Husband, well...he is still a tad bit scared.
I’m completely shocked and Husband, well…he is still a tad bit scared.


Sidenote: I received the “reveal gift” almost a week prior to the party.  It was pretty tempting, but I resisted the urge.  I figured I had waited that long, what was another week.

We knew we were going to have about 30 people celebrating with us, so we wanted good snacks that were on the inexpensive side (since Hubby and I were fronting the cost), but tasty too.  This is the menu we went with:

* Lofthouse Cookie Bar Pizza
* Crescent Vegetable Pizza
* Chips & dip (a variety)
* Little Smokies (courtesy of mom)
* Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
* Tam’s punch

The reveal was at 2pm, so we just wanted to go with snacky things.  I baked the cookie bar and cupcakes Friday night.  Saturday morning, I prepped everything else. It was rather simple, and delicious to boot.

Sorry for the blur... and this was not all. Danielle was just super excited to bombard social media that day.
Sorry for the blur… and this was not all. Danielle was just super excited to bombard social media that day.

Decorations we kept very simple.  Above our fireplace we have an old antique wooden frame.  Hubby, also a teacher, cut out the phrase “He or She?” with some cute graphics from yellow and grey paper.  (We decided to steer clear from the traditional pink and blue.) I prepped them the night before, and hung them on the frame using the wire and mini clothes pins.  Confession: we just took them down a week ago…

Sadly, our only decoration...
Sadly, our only decoration…

I am also not a big game player.  I would rather mingle and make sure people are enjoying themselves.  So, we kept it simple.  We held a diaper raffle.  Guests were invited to bring a pack of diapers, any size, and they were given a ticket to enter a raffle.  The raffle was for a gift card to a group of restaurants for $50.  We actually gave away two.  Why?  Because we know that diapers are expensive and we wanted to be sure that our guests knew we very much appreciated their presence as well as the thought of bringing Kraft Baby #2 diapers.

Danielle, staging again for social media. The game was a BIG hit though!
Danielle, staging again for social media. The game was a BIG hit though!

The party was a hit, I believe.  Laid back and low-key…just my type of party.  We had a great time enjoying one another’s company, catching up, and finding out what our second bundle of joy is going to be.

Here are pics of Kelsea’s creations.  I still find myself pulling them out and staring at them, just to make sure that it is real.  **And let’s not talk about the 2 stories I have heard where the parents were told they were having one gender and baby arrived as the opposite… At least we have backup clothes and a name picked in the event this happens to us.**

Kelsea's reveal gift creation. So. Fun!
Kelsea’s reveal gift creation. So. Fun!
There was small delay in the gown's arrival to Kelsea, so the owner sent this onesie as a free gift. Kelsea created the monogram. Love. It!
There was small delay in the gown’s arrival to Kelsea, so the owner sent this onesie as a free gift. Kelsea created the monogram. Love. It!

Big Brother is still deciding whether he is for or against a sister.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  He’ll learn to appreciate and love her…

…I hope…

This past weekend I was able to score large at a mega consignment sale to prep for the little one.  She will be clothed beautifully through the summer.  Yay! Now, to get half of the nursery set for Baby Charlotte (to be called Charlie), survive the last 6.5 weeks of school (which includes packing up my classroom to be moved for next year), and make it the remaining 9 weeks…we’ll be golden! 

If you are planning a reveal yourself and stuck for ideas, please feel free to use some of these.  If you need further clarification, or questions answered, please let us know.  And please feel free to share some of your most unique gender reveal party ideas. We’d love to hear them!

Have a great Thursday,


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