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Gender Reveal Party Wrap Up- and the baby is…

We have another successful baby ‘shower’ in the books and we finally know the gender of cousin #6/7, we have two due within two weeks of each other so it’s anyone’s guess which is coming first!  Because it was our first time throwing a gender reveal party as opposed to a regular baby shower I was a little nervous but was pleased with the outcome as I believe was everyone else.  We enjoyed time with family and friends and got to experience the excitement with Hilary (Dad already knew and kept the secret!!) as she finally learned if Miss Mia is getting a brother or a sister!

016   018

Welcome table, each of the guests signed the mat in the frame (which will house a picture and hang in the baby’s room) then chose a pin to represent their guess of Baby W’s gender and chose a seat!  You can find tutorials for the silhouettes here and for the pins here.

021   022

We decided on simple games the guests could complete at their leisure while they ate and went over them and awarded prizes just before she opened gifts.  Links to the printable games can be found here, can you guess the theme of baby shower #2 scheduled for Memorial Day weekend???  Yes, we will blog about that one too!!  The thank you notes they addressed to themselves to save Hilary the headache of tracking down addresses again.

036   035

Because the shower was mid-afternoon we stuck to appetizers for food but included simple tent cards labeling each item and giving a brief description of the ingredients.

031   032

Sami rocked it on these cupcakes!  All from scratch and rather than using fondant she found a delicious alternative… a sculpt-able buttercream!  They tasted as good as they looked and you can find the recipe/DIY here.

039   023

The gift table also served as a ‘burp cloth decorating’ station.  The kids had the most fun with this one but I’m sure each of them will come in handy soon enough.


Can you tell she’s nervous, she definitely wanted to get the show on the road!  Being the wonderful sisters we are… we made her save the ‘reveal’ present for last and the result is…..

056   058

A BOY!!!  Baby Landon will be joining the family this summer and mom couldn’t be happier!  Probably because this means their family is ‘complete.’  🙂 Yay for babies!!!


If you have any questions feel free to give us a shout!  Happy Party Planning!


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