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Gender Reveal Pin Tutorial

The big party is this Saturday and we’ll be having a whole post about how we pulled it off sometime next week.  For today, we have a little tutorial about how we made these adorable pins for people to ‘guess’ what Hilary is expecting by choosing a ‘bow’ or ‘mustache.’


Fun huh?  We were pretty happy with how they turned out and I’m sure they’ll be a hit on Saturday as well.  They’re actually VERY simple to make and I will say we went the path of least resistance with them.  Didn’t go over the top with making sure they will ‘last’ or anything as they are really just a means to get us out of leading an extensive amount of games.  🙂

First, you need to get yourself a few pieces of felt (we found these at Hobby Lobby for $.25 each), some pin backs (also from Hobby Lobby- 36 for $2.99) and find yourself an image to use as a pattern.  We just Googled ‘mustache’ and ‘bow’ and ta-daa we found perfect images right away.  You’ll also need a glue gun, glue (obviously), a sharpie, and sharp scissors.


You’ll start by tracing as many as you can fit on each piece, we found out we could have purchased only one of each color because we went with smaller images.  It probably would have been a good idea to take our pattern along so we could have better judged how many pieces we would need but we weren’t too heartbroken about the extra $.50 spent.


Next you cut them out, which is probably the most time-consuming part of the process.  That mustache was quite difficult to cut out of felt and we didn’t want to mess them up.  The bow was easy though so it obviously has to do with the image you’re using.


Once they’re all cut out you just need to glue the pin backs to the cut out pieces.  You’ll want to be sure to glue the pin to the side that will probably still have some marker on it.  Not a big deal but you’ll want them to be pretty, right?  This is where we could have taken it a step further and glued a small piece of felt across the pin to make it look a little nicer and make it a little more sturdy.  We decided to skip that as these are only meant for one day, two hours in fact, and to us it wasn’t worth the time.

045   046

And that’s it, a very inexpensive alternative to the regular ‘baby shower’ games!  The guests will find these at the sign in table with a note explaining to choose a bow or mustache to represent what they think Hilary is expecting.  We’ll have a little gift for those who choose correctly.  See, lots of fun and takes the place of a game which is always good in my book!


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