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Last fall Sami and I had the pleasure to, once again, visit the shores of Lake Erie to be part of BloggyCon. We had a fantastic weekend connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  We also had the privilege to learn from some of the most influential bloggers out there and are slowing applying all that we learned right here at The Domestic Four.  Slowly.

One of the best parts of BloggyCon is the very reasonable cost to attend.  Because we’re still new at this, and do our best to pinch every penny, investing a lot of money to attend blog conferences isn’t something that’s in the books for us.  BloggyCon is very reasonable (We’re so thankful!) but one of the reasons they’re able to provide a great conference at a great price is all thanks to the great sponsors they get each year.

This year one of those amazing sponsors was BeKOOOL!

A giveaway opportunity sponsored by BeKOOOL.

Nestled in each of our swag bags (YEP! We get SWAG!) was our very own sample of BeKOOOL soft gel sheets, which ended up being quite the little score.  Now, I’m all about modern medicine.  To each his own but I’m someone who is thrilled with the discovery of penicillin and when my kids are in pain, I hit up the Tylenol or ibuprofen.  That said, if there are times when I can successfully address an issue without the use of medicine, I’m in.

That’s why I was so excited to learn about BeKOOOL because, to me, they’re perfect for that ‘low grade’ fever when you know they’re uncomfortable and you want to offer some relief but giving a dose of medicine seems like it may not be completely necessary.  Think of it as a ‘cool cloth to the forehead’ kicked up a notch! Here’s some information from the company…

Parents no longer have to watch their kids suffer while they wait for medicine to kick in thanks to BeKOOOL’s immediate and long-lasting cooling relief. BeKOOOL’s non-medicated soft gel sheets are convenient and fit in your diaper bag or purse. These adhesive and non-messy gel sheets are a wonderful alternative to the traditional messy washcloth or warm bath. Your kids will even think they’re ‘koool’ because they have Disney characters on them.

BeKOOOL’s easy-to-use, soft gel sheets:

  • Stick to kids’ foreheads, so little ones who are sick can comfortably rest and relax
  • Provide up to eight hours of cooling relief
  • Safe to use with fever-reducing medicine (it’s non-medicated)
Sounds like a winner, right?  We’re fans for sure!  So, now the best part.  One of our Domestic Four followers is going to win their very own box of soft gel sheets (One for the kidos and one for momma!) plus a prize package filled with other great prizes all compliments of our friends at BeKOOOL!  The winner will receive…
A great prize package giveaway sponsored by BeKOOOL.

The line of BeKOOOL products, a Kinsa Smart Thermometer, two books from the Llama Llama series, and Dad to Dad, a book by pediatrician Dr. David Hill, all valued at more than $90.  About the prizes:

BeKOOOL Soft Gel Sheets for Kids: Single-use gel sheets for kids that provide immediate cooling relief from fever for up to eight hours.

BeKOOOL Migraine: Single-use cooling gel sheets that provide immediate soothing relief from migraine headaches.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer: Kinsa builds app-enabled thermometers that offer peace of mind by remembering illness details, and guiding you on next steps if fever and symptoms are cause for concern.

Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro: Expert advice, guidance, and insight from pediatrician-Dad, Dr. David L. Hill.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama & Llama Llama Home With Mama: With short and simple rhyming text, the Llama Llama books are perfect for educating and entertaining kids.

Fantastic right?  I’ll let rafflecopter take it away for now, good luck to all!!!

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