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Homemade Crunchwrap Supreme

We live a good 30 minutes from the closest Taco Bell.  I love Taco Bell.  I think Danielle’s 2nd child and I have a scary infatuation with said restaurant.  Being that we are so far, I needed to find a way to curb the longing from the comfort of our home and assist with keeping the cash in the wallet.  Enter…you guessed it – Pinterest.  I stumbled upon a great recipe and I decided to make these the other evening.  I had a hankerin’.  I was to post this Thursday and I beg your forgiveness, dear reader.  Teachers started back to school this week, so I had 3 days of training, a day with Danielle and her cRaZy daycare crew, and Friday was in the classroom as well.  Baby B has been in the classroom with me for 35 hours as I have prepped for this coming year.  He’s a trooper.  Oh, did I mention that my Husband is the head coach of one of the local Jr. High football teams…so this week was the last week of 2-a-days.  Needless to say, the little one and I have spent a great amount of quality time together.  Another reason for the late post 🙂 All that to say, sorry.

This is a rather simple process.  You will need any items you typically use for tacos.  The original Crunchwrap Supremes need: burrito shell, a small corn tortilla (or a few tortilla chips), sour cream, taco meat (or chicken!), lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  At TB they use the nacho cheese which is DELICIOUS.  I have used that before, however this week I just used the shredded Mexican Blend cheese you can get at your local grocer.

After your ingredients are prepped complete the following steps…

Step 1 – spread sour cream on the large burrito shell and top with meat.

Step 2 – Place your small corn tortilla (or a few chips) on top of the meat
Step 3 – top with your lettuce, tomato, and cheese.
(Note: If using nacho cheese sauce, it is best to spread it on your corn tortilla)

Step 4 – Fold your burrito shell up over to cover all the goodness inside.

Step 5 – Place your crunchwrap on your panini grill until golden brown.
(Note: if you do not have a panini grill, you can place on a George Foreman or just place it in a skillet and flip when the bottom side and golden brown.)


Step 6 –  Place on a plate and ENJOY!!


See, that simple.

This is a quick “go to” recipe in our house because 8 chances out of 10, I have all ingredients that are needed.  I do hope you and your’s enjoy this delicious, fun, self contained dinner.  And for those of you who can relate to being miles from the closest Taco Bell…this curbs the craving.

Happy Saturday evening and Sunday!  Enjoying our last weekend before school starts Monday.  Yay, so excited!

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