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Homemade Lotion Using Coconut Oil

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I know… Coconut Oil… Enough is enough with this magical substance that can heal the sick, feed the hungry, and solve the vast majority of the worlds problems!  Ok, so it might not claim to do all of that, but lets face it, the stuff is EVERYWHERE and people LOVE it, and me, a lover of trying anything new, had to get my hands on some of that stuff.  Those of you who have used coconut oil, know it is not the cheapest stuff in the grocery store, and my husband (aka: The Biggest Miser East of the Mississippi) HATES when I go to try something that costs money and I don’t follow through with it.  The purchase was originally made to throw into my morning smoothies…. well… they made my smoothies tastes like oil, people can say what they want, that stuff is NASTY, and not to be thrown into smoothies, it’s all I could taste and I felt like I was drinking a candle, it was disgusting! Then I tried the “oil pulling,” BIG thumbs down, anyone who can swish oil around in their mouth for 20 min deserves an award, again, nasty crap, and I wanted to die after the first 3 minutes!!!

So then I remembered a homemade lotion recipe I pinned about a year ago and the ingredients included: baby lotion, vitamin e, and Vaseline. Being that I’m not some 1950’s housewife (although I wish I was everyday) who slathers Vaseline on my skin every night to make my skin “youthful” I don’t normally have it laying around my house.  So I thought that the coconut oil would be a nice replacement for the Vaseline in the recipe and boy was I right!!! This lotion is amazing and I recommend trying it to anyone!!! It smells amazing, extremely easy to make, and pretty cheap in comparison to the lotion in the store; for the amount you get. Above all, its the best my skin has felt since before kids, it’s fast absorbing and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.  BONUS: It has the magical powers of coconut oil mixed it!!


These are the ingredients I used: Coconut oil, vitamin e, and baby lotion (I am a night time shower person and so I chose the lavender scented baby lotion because when I use it on my children I get jealous I don’t have stuff that smells that good!!!)


Threw 8oz of vitamin E into the bowl,


Then about 8oz of the coconut oil


Then I used about 3/4 of the 21oz bottle of lotion, the original recipe called for 16oz of baby lotion.


I used my electric mixer to get the lotion mixed together well. *Funny story: my daughter walked up to me while I was doing this step and she goes “Hey mom, what are you making?” I responded “Lotion” she responded in the most terrifyingly startled voice I have ever heard from her mouth “WE CAN’T EAT LOTION, CAN WE?!?!” I laughed so hard, kids are great!


Last, I filled empty lotion bottles I had saved, all 3 containers are filled!! Not bad for about $12 total!



Homemade Lotion:

8oz-vitamin E

8oz-coconut oil

16oz-lavender baby lotion

*mix well*



I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!!! Happy Hump Day!



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