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Homemade Soft Pretzels and Vanilla Coke

My first two years of college were spent just 20 minutes north of the great city of Philadelphia.  Approximately half a mile away was this small soft pretzel bakery.  The best part about this was that during finals week, they would bring flats of freshly baked soft pretzels and sprinkle them throughout the buildings of campus.  You could take as many as you want.  Can we say…HELLO freshman 15, but glory be was it worth it.  I was addicted.

My addiction to the Philadelpha soft pretzel grew when I discovered the deliciousness of WaWa soft pretzels.  Before I would travel, I would stop there – fuel the car and grab a soft pretzel and beverage to fuel me.

Seriously, I had problems.

Then, I moved to Central Virginia to finish out my degree and I went through serious withdraw.  Auntie Anne’s helped curb the cravings, but let’s be honest – they’re not the same.  Luckily for me, I married a man from York, Pa and when we visit his family we can stop at a WaWa, though their recipe has changed a little bit – it’s better than nothing.

Now…I live in small town USA, 30 minutes from the closest Auntie Anne’s and 3.5 hours from Philly.  Jonesing for some of the deliciousness from the City of Brotherly Love or at least a copy cat of Auntie Anne’s, I began to search Pinterest.  (I mean seriously – beggars can’t be choosers.)  After some searching and testing, I found what I would consider a craving-curber.

While I was intimated at first, it really is nothing.  And if you have familiarized yourself with Kelsea’s Everything Bagels, the process is rather similar and really not that intimidating at all.

Here it is!  The winner of the “I Live in Central Pa and Just Need Something to Get Me By” soft pretzel award.  The pictures are great and the recipe is super easy to follow.  I will note: when I was first testing this recipe (I am a tough critic) I forgot to add the baking soda for my first few pretzels.  Not to worry – it did not ruin them, those 3-4 pretzels were just not as brown as the others.  The toppings are endless, my friend.  In this household, I tend to stick with Kosher Salt.  Feel free to be creative though.  I do believe my next batch might be dusted with ranch mix…

Husband would like me to attempt a beer cheese sauce for dipping.  I am in the the process of trying to find and then will test the recipes.  I, however, prefer the original awesomeness with a side of G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S Vanilla Coke.

A picture to make you salivate and stop at the grocery store on your way home so you can whip up a batch of these tonight.


Seriously, don’t you just love my Pepsi-Cola cup with my Vanilla Coke beverage.  Uhhhh…?

What are some of your favorite ways to eat soft pretzels?  Favorite toppings?

Happy Monday!


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