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How to Dress Your Kids for Disney on a Budget

We’re a mere 10 days from our next visit to Disney World and I’m out-of-my-skin excited, the kidos are pretty pumped as well. 😉

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

Most people who have visited Disney World have noticed that some people go ‘all out’ with the wardrobes they purchase for themselves and their children to wear during their trip.  To some, this seems odd and even ridiculous but, I kind of get it.  You spend anywhere from $1500-$3000+ on this trip and, while there, take countless photos.  For us, and I’m sure many others, these photos are displayed throughout your home from your return until your next visit, sometimes longer.  I know we have many pictures of our family from our last trip and I can’t wait to update them with new ones.

You know why I treasure these photos so much?  We’re all actually in them (Mommy is almost always absent from our ‘family’ photos) and we’re all having a fabulous time.  The smiles are very much real and there is true joy all over each and every face in the pictures.  Each time I look at the pictures from our last trip, it makes my heart happy.  I’ve used the photos in everything from Christmas cards, to birthday cards sent to grandmas and pop pops, to family calendars.  These pictures have made their rounds to say the least.  So, why wouldn’t I want everyone to look extra cute in the pictures?  Makes a little sense, huh?

The problem is… you could spend as much on the clothes for the trip, as you do on the actual trip.  No, I’m not kidding.

The customs you see children wearing can be as much as $500 each, for a child’s dress, that they wear ONCE.

Now, if you have the money to spend, I’m not judging at all.  You rock that $500 dress.  I’m not judging the maker of the dress either as most of the dresses that fetch that price are sewn by excellent seamstresses, use expensive supplies, and take countless hours.  Those gorgeous dresses are simply not in my budget. 😉

When I decided I wanted the ‘Disney Look’ for less I started scouring the internet for deals and boy did I score!  The clothes my kidos are wearing were made by me, my sister, purchased from a sample sale, or are previously owned.  Only one of the dresses were custom made for us and we were thrilled with the end product.

So, without further ado… our Disney Looks for Less!

How to Dress you Kids for Disney on a Budget

These are the outfits for our breakfast at ‘Ohana, a character meal featuring Lilo and Stich, Mickey and Pluto at the Polynesian.  We had initially planned to have a ‘day off’ and these were to be the outfits for that day but a change in schedule (My husband’s Jr. High Basketball team having a game) we had to shorten our trip so these are only going to be worn for the morning.  That said, the shirt was a hand-me-down (FREE) the dresses I scored from a seamstress selling her samples at a huge discount, and the headbands they wear ALL THE TIME.

Dresses are from PetiteandPosh on Etsy.

Headbands are from Pixie Dust Pretties on Etsy.

How to Dress your kids for Disney on a Budget.

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

After breakfast, we’re heading to Hollywood Studios so they’re rocking our current favorite Disney/Pixar characters for the day!  These are the dresses I had custom made for us.  I worked with a lovely woman on Etsy and the dresses arrived exactly as I had expected.  If you’re looking for a custom dress for less, definitely look into pillowcase dresses if you like the look.  I’m a fan, I think they’re adorable on little girls and they’re pretty simple to make so you can usually get one made with your choice of fabrics for a very reasonable price.

Dresses are from Little Sweetie Boutique on Etsy.

The tiered capris were purchased as a three-pack (my girls wear these ALL THE TIME too) from Brylee’s Boutique also on Etsy.

Little man’s shirt was an Amazon steal.  He LOVES him some Anger. 😉 This is the shirt, it’s unavailable as I’m writing this but could restock.

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

Next up is the first set of DIY outfits. The skirts were made, using a free downloadable PDF pattern, by yours truly.  They took a few hours and definitely aren’t anything to write home about (I’m not seamstress) but I’m happy with the way they turned out and they match the shirts (Made by Auntie Kels who is blessed with a fancy embroidery machine) perfectly.  I will say… you can usually find simple skirts that are totally cute at Walmart and target and while you may save a few dollars making them, you’ll save a TON of time and effort just buying them.  If I had it to do over, I’d probably just go find some cute $10 skirts somewhere and have them wear those instead.  Oh well… live and learn.  Shirts like these can be purchased for anywhere between $10 and $20 and they almost always will embroider their name on them, sometimes for an added fee.

Skirts by mom… shirts by Auntie. 😉

Headbands by Pixie Dust Pretties (Again, these are not just for the trip.  They’ve worn them several times already and will continue to wear them I’m sure.)

Necklaces by Kandy Girl Necklaces

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

For our Animal Kingdom day the ladies are wearing a Facebook score! It was the end of the season and I was able to snatch these up for less than half price! Now, that deal is probably long gone but you should remember to think outside the box when doing your Disney wardrobe search.  Just because it’s the end of the summer season in PA does not mean those clothes won’t be perfect for a December day in Orlando.

Girls, outfits are from Little Southern Cuties on Facebook.

Girls’ headbands are from Pixie Dust Pretties.

Little man’s shirt is a hand-me-down (Again, you can find shirts like this for right around $15/each.)

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

Next up is our Epcot day outfits.  Princesses because we’ll be dining with the princesses at Akershus in Norway. 😉 The girls outfits I was able to purchase through the Disney Boutique Clothing Resell group on Facebook.  PLEASE be prepared for sticker shock.  Yes the items are ‘used’ (most of the time worn all of once) but they are almost all custom pieces.  People go to that site to try to get some of the money they invested back.  They have very strict rules within the group but if you follow them, and search regularly, you will find little steals like these adorable outfits.

Girls’ outfits purchased second hand.

Girls’ headbands are from Pixie Dust Pretties.

Girls’ necklaces are from Kandy Girl Necklaces.

Little man’s shirt is a hand-me-down.

How to dress your kids for Disney on a budget.

Finally…our Christmas outfits! Because we’ll be in Disney during the holiday season we decided to have the kids rock some festive outfits during our trip.  The skirts were another DIY win for mom and the shirts another Auntie Kels original. Same story as above with these skirts though.  I’m in love with how they turned out BUT I was just in Walmart and spotted adorable Christmas skirts for less than $10 each.  Live. And. Learn.

Ear hats were ordered before our last trip from the Disney store online.

Red zebra Minnie ears are from Pixie Dust Pretties.

Well, that’s all of them.  They look pretty cute, huh? I can’t wait to get there and see the joy on their faces once again then enjoy all those wonderful photos for years to come! One last tip, when dealing with ANYONE online PLEASE be sure to use PayPal for the transaction. I had only good experiences with all those listed but it’s always important to protect yourself when dealing with vendors online.

If you have any questions about anything pictured please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m looking forward to sharing some of our trip via Instagram so be sure to follow us to join in the fun!


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  • Going to Disney is definitely the perfect opportunity for cute family photos, and I’m sure yours are adorable with these outfits! Thanks for sharing the affordable, cute ideas!

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