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Ideas for a Frozen Themed Brunch Party

My daughter’s 9th birthday was last month. I’m still trying to get over the fact that I’m now less than one year from having a 10 year old! Ugh! She had initially chosen a gymnastics theme, as it is her favorite past time these days.  Well, upon arrival at the store to purchase party supplies she spotted the Frozen themed stuff. She looked at me, with giant blue eyes, and asked if she could change the theme.  All I could think was, seriously, a Frozen theme, along with every other little girl in the country but I smiled and said sure.  Truthfully, I was actually ok with her choosing a ‘party in a box’ type theme because I figure this could be the last year for it, since she’ll be turning 10 and all next year.  *tear*

Frozen Brunch Party

We picked up a few things… plates, cups, tablecloths, etc in the theme and headed home to brainstorm some ideas.  Honestly, a quick Pinterest search will yield you copious amounts of ideas if you’re looking.  I’m really only sharing what we did because it was a little outside the box, we actually had her party at 11am and served breakfast foods!

Don’t tell my other kidos, but this was my favorite party so far.  I didn’t do anything grand with the decorating etc, I just loved the snacks we made and while they were perfect for our brunch they’d also be great for a sleepover! So, what did we do?

Frozen Brunch Party

I started with Chex Muddy Buddies (Puppy Chow to some) and added a swirl of melted white chocolate and some pretty blue sugar crystals to give them a Frozen look!

Frozen Brunch Party

Then, I took a box of Rice Krispy Treats and cut them in half.  I added a lollipop stick (cake pop stick) and dipped them in melted white chocolate and finally finished them off with a dip in the blue sugar crystals and let them to cool.  Adorable!

Frozen Brunch Party

Frozen Brunch Party

We also had white powdered donuts, dusted with a few sprinkles to give them a fun look, a DIY yogurt parfait bar (HUGE HIT), French toast sticks, bacon and sausage, bagels, and English muffins.

We only have family  at our parties, just the way we’ve always done it, but everyone had a great time and thought the treats were a fun addition.

Have you had the joy of hosting a Frozen themed party yet? Any fun ideas? We’d love to hear!!


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