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“Josie” the Giraffe


Today’s post is a DIY … of sorts.

I’m completely aware that not all people enjoy to crochet. I, on the other hand, absolutely adore it.

I’m scared to admit this, but I watch close to 45 innings of baseball a week. I am simply obsessed with Orioles baseball and I like to crochet while watching those games. It’s ridiculous and I sound like an 85 year old grandma, for this I apologize.

Onward we move …

I have an (adorable) 3 month old who is discovering the wonderful array of colors and (thanks to her giant 90lbs labradors) is in love with animals already. She is captivated by Baby Einstein’s Barnyard Animals and giggles or smiles each time she watches it. We did not buy many toys for our daughter. We opted to use any gift money for baby things like a crib mattress, Pack n Play, books, diapers, wipes, etc. My goal was to determine what Baby E would USE rather than buying all of these big clunky toys that would be used maybe once and then sold in a yardsale or given away to a cousin. As she gets older I will buy toys per her age, but I have set an amount on how much I will spend. And I won’t go over it! Baby toys are EXPENSIVE.

Well, as you all know we have our own little shop and I do sell items that I crochet. Currently it isn’t scarf season, and I have 45 innings of baseball to watch weekly, as well as Baby E’s developing interest in animals. What did this mean? Time to make some stuffed animals for the babe! I started small and made an Owl (my husband named him Oliver) and Baby E was captivated. He sits beside her crib and she grins at him as she falls asleep. But I wanted to tackle this absolutely adorable giraffe that I saw over at I Love Buttons by Emma. I unpacked my craft box which contains a ton of leftover yarn from previous projects, bought some Polyfil, and got to work! Over the course of this week I was able to finish Josie, and I’ve gotta say … she’s amazing! Even better that her pricetag was only $4.97 – the cost of a bag of Polyfil. (Bonus: I only used 1/8th of the bag! Meaning more stuffed animals to come!)

Baby E loves the bright colors …





Last night as I was finishing this up my husband, being the great stuffed animal namer he is, adorned Josie with her cute name. And based upon Baby E’s captivation and constant staring and smiling at her this afternoon, I think she’s a hit!

I highly encourage you (if you’re a crocheter) to make a stuffed animal. It is all single crochets and a few decreases here and there! Easy as pie!

And if you want your own Josie you should head on over to I Love Buttons by Emma and make your own!  (I must warn you though, Josie has been taken as a giraffe name. My husband is adamant!)


Happy Crocheting!


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